Yang Qichang: The Key Factor For The Development Of Future Plant Factories
- May 29, 2018 -

Recently, Aladdin News Center reporter visited the director of the Environmental Engineering Research Office of the Institute for agricultural environment and sustainable development of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a member of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences academic committee, teacher Yang Qichang.——LED Agricultural Lighting

From the height of the development of the whole industrial strategy, Yang Chi Chang thoroughly analyzed several typical formats of plant plant in China and the key factors for the development of plant plants in the future. At the same time, combining with the development history of lighting and the development history of plant plant, he said that future lighting will be the key element affecting plant plant development, and the core point of agricultural lighting lies in the development and application of biological, light formula and intelligent control, which can not be separated from the deep understanding of biological production capacity.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Yang Qichang, director of Environmental Engineering Research Office, Institute of agricultural environment and sustainable development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (left) and Huang Rongxiang, editor in chief of Aladdin News Center (right)

Aladdin: what do you think of the development of plant plants?

Yang Qichang: the traditional mode of agricultural production is entirely dependent on sunlight, soil and rainfall in the fields or land farming. Plant plants are a higher level of production, such as greenhouse, which require accurate control of light, environment, and nutrition, so the cost is higher and the cost is higher. If its product price is lower than the traditional agricultural production mode, then the loss is inevitable.——LED Agricultural Lighting

But the plant factory can solve two problems, one is the demand for land, it can improve the efficiency of land use as much as possible. The two is the safety of food. It is carried out under the conditions of the growing environment and the required nutrition. There are no pesticides, no heavy metals, no antibiotics, or even the microbes of that kind of bacteria. The food it produces is very safe and clean. So we can not simply look at its development in terms of losses or profits. If so, no industry can develop. In the early days, the price of the food in the greenhouse was very high, and many people could not accept it, but it could be slowly or slightly higher than the ordinary market. It reached a profit and loss balance, and the plant factory is the same.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: what do you think is the main problem that the botanical factory should solve at present?

Yang Qichang: the core of the balance point is the input and output, the issue of production efficiency. Just like facilities agriculture, why it will continue to develop over the years is that its balance point is very good. That is to say, we have found the profit point, and the profit is very good. There are two points in our current research on profitability. One is to invest as low as possible. Reduce investment in external equipment, structure, light source and other resources. The two is the low cost of operation, so as to reduce the operation cost of electric and air-conditioning power as far as possible. We have many research achievements in this area, and we won a national science and technology award last year. In the future, there may be another technology, that is, to reduce labor input, such as manipulator and robot operation, so that the cost of construction investment will drop.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: at present, there are many factories in the market. What do you think are the better ones? What are their respective characteristics?

Yang Qichang: now the development of the botanical factory is very fast. There are probably three types.

The first is business, e-commerce, or logistics. For example, innovative life, this enterprise is to end customers as the object of service, plainly is selling vegetables. It sells part of its own production, that is, it has its own base, and the other part may need to rely on some cooperative enterprises. Its target customers are consumers of the city, and it is very convenient to send them home by electronic commerce. This type of enterprise is developing rapidly, and the benefits may be good.——LED Agricultural Lighting

The second category is enterprises that sell accessories and equipment, such as BOE and San an. They might have been making LED or electronic equipment, but they were very interested in the plant factory and felt that the plant factory was a good industry direction. But the goal of these enterprises is not to sell vegetables, but their aim is to sell accessories and sell equipment. This kind of enterprise mainly propagandize their equipment rather than the vegetable variety. The core of future profits of enterprises is whether they can occupy a certain share in the domestic and foreign market. This type of enterprises now occupy a large proportion. Many enterprises engaged in equipment manufacturing, and LED enterprises are developing in this area.——LED Agricultural Lighting

The third type is a complete plant plant, which is the equivalent of a farmer, which is the object of planting products or other functional plants, that is, to plant vegetables. It is this type of enterprise. The pressure of such enterprises is relatively large at present. Because it is equivalent to the middle of the primary industry, it is the most profitable industry. We should make every effort to achieve profitability in plant factory maintenance, equipment, operation and other aspects. It may even be subject to some electronic business - based companies - the Jingdong that just mentioned, or the profits of supermarkets, which are so low in profit. But for the development of China's botanical factory, I think this category is an area that should be encouraged and supported.——LED Agricultural Lighting

In general, the third category is actually the first and second types of customers, the third category is the first type of suppliers, and there is no development of the third types of enterprises. The development of the former two types of enterprises will also be hindered.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: how does lighting affect the development of plant factories? What are the future trends?

Yang Qichang: plant factories should be closely related to lighting. Lighting is actually one of the means needed by plant plants. Plant plants are produced in a complete artificial environment, so it needs this lighting as a means, no light is not good, light is the core of plant factory. Plant factories must have lighting and lighting, so they cannot produce plants.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: Why did the plant factory develop so slowly in the early stage?

Yang Qichang: plant plants have developed since 50s. After forty or fifty years, the main reason is that the core technology of the light source has no breakthrough. The early high pressure sodium lamp has a lot of problems, because it has a large heat dissipation, high temperature will cause the layer distance to pull, you can only make one layer, making the space utilization rate is very low, at the same time the energy consumption is great.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: Why did the development speed up slowly after 90s?

Yang Qichang: the main reason is that the light source has a breakthrough. The appearance of fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps solves the problems of the space between the high voltage and the light layer, and the interval between the layers can reach about 40 centimeters. At the same time, the fluorescent lamp should be relatively low on the energy consumption compared to the high pressure lamp. LED it appeared early, but the application of LED in agriculture, especially in plant plant large area applications, was about 2009, LED was more energy-efficient and could regulate its spectrum, so LED may have some new light sources in the future, which may be used in plant factories. In this case, the breakthrough of the light source plays an important role in promoting the development of the plant factory.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: what's the problem with the light source at present?

Yang Qichang: in recent years, it has been developing rapidly. It has been discovered that almost all plants in China are LED plants. Light source is closely related to plant factories, and the future must be more closely related. But the light source now needs to solve two problems: the first is how to lower the cost. Now the cost is very low, and it needs to be low, at least with fluorescent lamp has its competitive advantage. The second breakthrough of light source research is to increase the research of light formula, making the whole area of plant lighting more professional. Now is to say that the equivalent of a light can be used, the future may be more special, like our current civilian this one, home lighting, street lights, and other lights are different from other places, the future of agricultural lighting is the same, it must have a specific piece. Lighting will not only be limited to plant factories in the future, but also can be applied to agricultural lighting such as plant lighting, farming lighting and other agricultural fields.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Aladdin: what do you think is the real breakthrough point of agricultural lighting and agricultural lighting?

Yang Qichang: first of all, we should break through the technology of the light formula. The core of agricultural lighting is biological and biological production. Ordinary civilian lighting is actually a biological use, that is, you give me a light, I can walk, I can learn, I can read, this is the use of biology, it has nothing to do with production. But agricultural lighting is related to biology, it is related to biological production, and what biological production is. For example, plant lighting, you can use red light as long as bean sprout, blue light may be long and stout, you can grow very slowly with other light. This is also a source of light, but the production function of agricultural lighting may be considered more, which involves the light formula in which it is called, and the control of different stages in the middle of the light formula. This may be a core, which is the breakthrough of agricultural lighting, which is the most difficult point.——LED Agricultural Lighting

Another breakthrough point is the need to increase cross-border cooperation and realize the organic combination of Bio Industry and lighting industry.

Aladdin: what is the future development of agricultural lighting?

Yang Qichang: the direction of agricultural lighting is very big. I gave a report to the NDRC some time ago. The future of the whole field of agriculture is expected to have about 4. 5 billion production capacity in the future. It is really a very large volume. Now I estimate that less than ten billion, only billions of capacity. So there is a lot of room for development in the future.——LED Agricultural Lighting

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