With The Return Of International Quality, DPRK Lighting Has Officially Launched The Domestic Market.
- Jun 14, 2018 -

In June 9th, the four days of the 2018 twenty-third Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition opened solemnly, and the state lighting, room light lamps, professional lamps and lanterns, intelligent control four series of more than 100 high quality and high quality products glittering on the stage, showing strong strength.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

At the exhibition of the light Asian exhibition, the state of the state of light has been saved.

During the exhibition, "2018 light sub exhibition media meeting of state lighting" was held in the 3.1 Pavilion at B45. General manager Du Guohong, executive director Liu Shengping of China Lighting Association, director Ling Yingming of Zhejiang Lighting Association and many multimedia representatives attended this event.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

At this event, the state lighting and the domestic engineering distributors, product agents representatives held a signing ceremony. With the return of the international quality, the state lighting has been hitting hard on the domestic market segments.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

01 professional strength, cast the extreme light experience

In this exhibition, the light and shadow, the dream and the realm of the design concept of state lighting, the detailed structure and the scene, will be the perfect interpretation of the products of light and shadow of the light and charm, the extreme light effect, bring comfortable light experience. It also fully demonstrates and proves the professional strength of lighting professional lighting application service provider.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

There is a notable feature of the debong lighting exhibition hall. It is considerate and considerate. There are professional staff in each area of the pavilion. At the same time, the rest room and discussion room are set up on the first floor and the two floor. It is not only convenient for the clients who have the intention to cooperate, but also provides a place for visitors to take a short rest, and provides free drinks and tea. It has been warmly welcomed by the customers both at home and abroad.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

It is understood that the state lighting has been concentrating on the cause of green lighting since its establishment, insisting on product development and technological innovation, relying on professional manufacturing capability and sound customer service system to become the leading supplier of green lighting products in the country, and being identified as a national high-tech enterprise and a national demonstration enterprise of intellectual property rights. Industry and China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprises.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

02The channel is signed, and the state Xinhua chapter is continued.

Guangya Exhibition is the largest and second world lighting exhibition in Asia. On the top platform recognized by the industry, many enterprises have taken the light Asian exhibition as an important window to display the image of the enterprise, promote the new products, promote the cooperation and promote the promotion of the brand. At the same time, it is also an important brand exhibitor to enhance its brand management by drawing on the experience of the international and domestic counterparts. On the stage of showing the brand image of the enterprise, the brilliant style of the new technology and new image is danced on the stage of showing the brand image of the enterprise, so that the 2018 light Asian exhibition will be fruitful. Tired.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Signing ceremony

At the same time, the state lighting is still in the afternoon of 10, held "the state lighting media meeting", in the industry with a number of mainstream media meet, the state lighting also with its engineering dealers, product agent representatives signed a cooperation agreement respectively, showing the state lighting in the field of subdivision, heavy boxing.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

According to the scene, the state lighting channel will seize the opportunity of the domestic market in the field of landscape lighting, lighting and even intelligent city, and will achieve rapid development in the field of domestic lighting engineering. At the same time, the state lighting also focuses on the sales of professional lighting products such as "rail transportation, education and medical treatment, industrial lighting and commercial real estate". Through different ways, we can quickly create a highly efficient and professional marketing network of distributors throughout the country.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

03 dual core drive to help the development of the state

In March 30, 2017, de Bang lighting was successfully launched on the main board of Shanghai, helping the state lighting enter the fast lane of development. Subsequently, the "lighting engineering design class a class" qualification issued by the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction was issued by the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction. On the basis of the original "one level qualification for urban and road lighting engineering," the first enterprise with "double a" qualification in the field of lighting engineering was established in Jinhua.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The successful listing and the qualification of "double a" are undoubtedly the new starting point for the development of the state lighting. Mr. Ni Qiang, chairman of the chairman of the state lighting, said at the annual commendation conference in 2017, "in 2018, as a new starting point for the five year plan, it is undoubtedly a year of big investment, big expansion and great development. As a professional lighting application solution service provider, we will adhere to the dual core development of "state manufacturing" and "state service" and drive state lighting to develop in the field of professional lighting.——Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

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