With More Than 50,000 LED Lights, GM Has Saved $2 Million In Costs
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Since 2017, General Motor has been replacing LED lighting systems at its U.S. plants, aided by GE's Current.

To date, GM has installed more than 50,000 LED lights combined with sensors and controllers, aiming to create a digital ceiling that will never go out of style, improve GM's smart infrastructure and enhance sustainability.

With superior operational efficiency, GM has been playing a leading role in sustainability.

In 2015, GM's Lighting Strategy Committee began focusing on improving Lighting quality for large production centers.

For this reason, Current shows that LED is a cost-effective solution in terms of reliability and technology.

Gene Taylor, customer manager at Current, said of the GM partnership that Current has established a business and technology model for the evolution of LED.

Before choosing a light fixture, GM needs to consider many lighting conditions (from installation to production to paint), and they want a fixture that meets the requirements of different areas.

At the same time, because tens of thousands of lamps will be lit at the same time, the lamps used must be affordable.

Current can mitigate these concerns over multiple iterations of the source.

Current has sold over 50,000 LED lamps to more than 20 GM plants in North America so far, and will continue to supply LED lamps to the rest of GM's plants.

The final installation is expected to be completed by 2020.

GM has been able to save more than $2m a year on its costs compared with older fluorescent and xenon lamps.

GM will be able to save more as the project installation continues.