Why Is The LED Fin Radiator Better? What's The Advantage?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The features of the LED fin type radiator are as follows:

1. Fins have large heat dissipation area, light weight, fast convection, good heat dissipation and low temperature. (test that our 3W lamp cup is at least 5 degrees lower than that of the same power car aluminum lamp cup radiator, the highest can be 11 degrees lower).

2, the material is 10601050 high thermal conductivity aluminum sheet, the thermal conductivity is as high as 53, (the general extrusion aluminum thermal conductivity is 40, and the die casting aluminum thermal conductivity is 28).

3, the radiator does not need to heat silicone rubber, and the power source has unique heat dissipation mode.

4. With the card type structure, the assembly is easy and the production is fast.

5, heat dissipation structure is light, only vehicle aluminum weight of 60%--70%.

6, the appearance is beautiful and generous, more high-grade and exquisite, can do a variety of colors and surface treatment effect.

7, fin type heat dissipation lamp cup, for stamping, automatic assembly, no welding, production speed, production process, quality.