What Is The Plant Growth Lamp
- Jul 25, 2018 -

LED plant lamp is a new high-tech product that has emerged in recent 5 years with LED white light lighting. Experiments on "different LED light quality effects on plants" in many scientific research institutes in China have begun or completed in recent years. The light quality of the LED plant lamp is determined by the chip, and the quality of the domestic chip used in the current plant lamp is still not clear, so the LED lamp that is packaged by the imported chip can also be produced and the LED plant lamp is produced. Therefore, the production cost of the lamps is high. However, because of its accurate light quality and artificial combination adjustment, high photosynthetic radiation of unit power, good effect of plant light supplement, low operating cost (super power saving) and so on, it is favored by agricultural scientific research institutes and intelligent plant factories all over the world. However, since 2012, some private handicraft shops have joined the manufacturing camp of lamps and lanterns. These people do not understand agricultural technology and have no experimental conditions for products. They do not consider safety problems. They only buy components randomly, and the price of finished products is super cheap. The so-called "LED plant lamp" with poor quality and inefficiency is disturbing the difficult market environment. This is also the current situation of the white LED market. So, when choosing LED plant lights, you should also shine a bright eye. The best choice is to build a factory before 2012. The product has a quality guarantee, a brand, a reasonable price, and can not be greedy for a huge economic loss and a safety accident.

Different plants have different needs for the spectrum, for example, the lettuce is red / Blue 4:1, strawberry 5:1, universal 8:1, some need to increase infrared and ultraviolet light, but some factories know half of it. It's not a hundred thousand of those. White light contains all the spectra, so someone else finished a white LED, which is a full spectrum, and PHILPS did the same thing. And I did the experiment, the same plant, with two 200W white light, and a 90W UFO (red and blue 1:1) and 90W square (red and blue 8:1), one week later, the white light was obviously slower than the red and blue light, and the white light was not superstitious, and a few white light LED was added to the red and blue light to improve, not as a master. The light is used. LED itself is not high output, some customers say PHILPS is not used, because PHILPS these T pipe lights are also the largest 20W, also added a grit lampshade, and lost a part of the lump. How much micromole can be left on the plant when it reaches the height? The LED plant light below 50 watts is suitable for plant use. It is suitable for plant tissue culture (stratified planting), family raising and planting vegetables, small space and no soil cultivation, while more than 50 watts of LED plant lamps are suitable for greenhouse greenhouse, and the lamp distance from the main crown area of crops is better than 2.5 meters.