What Is The Meaning Of The LED Light
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The degree of the color of the object is called color display, that is, the fidelity of the color, the color rendering is better, the color we see is closer to the natural original color, the light source with low color rendering is poor in color reproduction, and the color deviation we see is also larger.

In principle, artificial light should be the same as natural light, so that the human eye can correctly distinguish the color of the thing, of course, depending on the location and purpose of the lighting.

The degree of color rendering of a light source is called chromaticity. It is often called the "Ra".

Color rendering refers to the relationship between the real color of a thing (its own color) and the color displayed under a standard light source. The determination of the Ra value is to compare the 8 test colors defined in the DIN6169 standard under the standard light source and the tested light source. The smaller the color difference, the better the color rendering of the measured light source.

A light source with a Ra value of 100 indicates that the color displayed under the lamp is consistent with the standard light source.