What Is The Cause Of The Stroboscopic
- Apr 29, 2018 -

There are four possibilities for LED lights to flicker or shine.

1) LED lamp ball and LED drive power supply does not match, normal single foot 1W lamp beard current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp is not full power of the chip will cause the light source flicker, the high current can not bear the light and one die, the serious phenomenon will burn the inner gold wire or copper wire of the lamp. The lamp is not bright.

2) it may be that the drive power is broken, so long as it changes to another good driving power, it will not flash.

3) if the drive has a over temperature protection function, and the heat dissipation performance of the luminaire can not meet the requirements, the driving over temperature protection will have a flash and one death phenomenon, for example, the 20W lamp shell is used to assemble the 30W lamps and lanterns, and the heat dissipation work will not be done well.

4) if there is a flashing phenomenon of outdoor lights, that is, the lamps and lanterns are flooded. The consequence is to flicker and not shine. The lamp and the drive are broken. If the waterproofing is done well, it will only destroy the lamp beads and replace the light source.