What Determines The Price Of Solar LED Street Lamps?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Since the advent of solar street lamps, the price of solar street lamps has become the focus of attention.

So let's talk about the cost of solar street lamps.




The cost of solar panels


The cost of a solar panel is high, and a solar panel accounts for almost half of the cost of a solar street lamp.

Now various manufacturers are using different technologies to reduce the cost of this aspect, but so far there is no more effective way to appear, I believe if this problem can be solved, our solar street lamp penetration rate will be higher.



2. Cost of LED lights


This cost is not very high, but compared with the common lamps and lanterns, this kind of lamps and lanterns still slants expensive, because this kind of lamps is used rarely in our common home.



3. Battery charge


Batteries also account for almost a third of the total cost of street lighting, mainly because good or bad batteries can have a direct impact on the length of lighting.

Therefore, when we choose solar street lamp, we must choose the battery with high quality.



4. Overall support cost and installation cost.



The costs in this area will have to be determined by the actual location of the installation.