Varroc Lighting Acquisition Of Turkey Automotive Company To Expand Global Lighting Business
- Jul 06, 2018 -

In July 2nd, Varroc Lighting Systems, the world's leading supplier of innovative external lighting systems, announced the acquisition of a private enterprise, Sa-ba Automotive, based in Istanbul, Turkey, to continue to expand its global business. Regarding the terms of purchase, Varroc Lighting Systems was not disclosed.——LED lighting

Through the acquisition of Sa-ba Automotive, the production and manufacturing capacity of Varroc Lighting will be greatly improved, while the 10 thousand square meter manufacturing technology center near Istanbul and a new factory in construction, located in Bulgaria, QIM. In addition, the 20 thousand square meter Bulgarian plant will provide scalable capacity for Varroc Lighting, enabling it to serve European customers better.——LED lighting

Varroc Lighting Systems, chairman and executive president of Stephane Vedie, said: "this acquisition will further expand the company's global business to provide customers with value and high quality lighting products and technologies. The Turkey market is developing, and entering this market will help us expand our services, serve the growing customer base and improve our production capacity in the small lighting field. "——LED lighting

After the acquisition of Sa-ba Automotive, Varroc Lighting Systems has increased over 40 years of experience in manufacturing small and interior lighting products inside and outside the car. And Sa-ba Automotive's existing projects and infrastructure not only help to improve production capacity, but also provide an opportunity to develop new products for trucks, two wheeled, tricycle, and non road car customers.——LED lighting

According to official news, the acquisition of Sa-ba Automotive is the sixth business move of Varroc Lighting Systems in the past 16 months, which directly promotes the company to expand its global product portfolio and expand manufacturing and technology centers. It is reported that the company is building a manufacturing and product research and development base in Morocco. Recently, the company has opened new factories in Brazil, Japan and Poland. In addition, it has set up an extension center for lighting development in Czech, and has increased productivity in Vietnam.——LED lighting

In general, the global business of acquiring Sa-ba Automotive, Varroc Lighting Systems has expanded to 17 countries in five continents. (compiled: LEDinside Janice)——LED lighting

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