The Structure Of LED Cast Light
- Feb 01, 2018 -

First, the use of high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life to 50000H, can be divided into monochrome, colorful color two.

Second, the shell material for high-pressure cast aluminum molded shell, 4mm tempered safety glass characteristics:

1, symmetrical and asymmetric two kinds of light selection, glare control good.

2, lighting and electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, simple installation.

3, dustproof waterproof grade IP65.

Iii. Voltage: 220v/110v/24v/12v

Four, LED light source: 1W, 3W high-power LED

Five, high-power led cast light irradiation distance of up to 5-30 meters, particularly suitable for building contour, outdoor plaza landscape lighting, wall, display brush color.

Six, color: have red/yellow/blue/green/white/colorful color and other effects. Through the rich and colorful combination of light and water, creating a sense of smart, bring you a fantastic mood.