The Most Complex Building Ever Built -- Appreciation Of Lighting Design Of Sheikh JAD Bridge.
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Project overview

   The Sheikh Zayed bridge, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is named after the name of the country's chief architect and former president Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan Aranahaan. It is the third major route to connect the mainland and Abu Dhabi, and is said to have been the most complex bridge ever built. The arc-shaped arch implies the desert dunes.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The length of the bridge has a total length of 842 meters (2762 feet), the longest span of 140 meters (460 feet), two, 4 lanes, and two gaps between 16 meters (52 feet). The material is a prestressed concrete arch bridge. It is the grand landmark of the first capital of the United Arab Emirates, designed by architect Zaha Hadid.——LED bridge lighting engineering

   The engineering design is completed by Buckland and Taylor Co. Ltd., is the construction of Archirodon construction company. The project started in 2007, and the construction ended in 2010. The completion time is November 28, 2010, and the construction cost is 300 million dollars.——LED bridge lighting engineering

lighting design

    The concept of initial lighting was put forward by Rogier van der Heide in Hollands Licht, and further expanded and refined by Arup's international design team. The final project stage, including the programming of 13 art scenes, is completed in Arup's office in Amsterdam.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The design of Arup lighting scene reflects the soul of Abu Dhabi. The special language of light is celebrating traditional religious activities and public activities with the people of the United Arab Emirates.——LED bridge lighting engineering

   About the lighting design of bridges, Rogier explains, "the lighting design of this project is very complicated. Design must integrate color change technology, dustproof and waterproof equipment, advanced control network and special optical devices to a whole solution.——LED bridge lighting engineering

   The road lighting provided by Philips is based on high energy efficiency, symmetrical building lamps, providing accurate beam control, designing road lighting and characteristic lighting in a whole way, avoiding mutual interference and strengthening the concept of the whole.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The design is based on two principles: first, general lighting such as water over the bridge, the bridge "back" on the cross flow changes.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    Secondly, the spatial structure of the bridge is displayed in a three-dimensional manner by projecting different colors on the horizontal and vertical surfaces in a three-dimensional manner.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The lamps and lanterns are Martin Martin Exterior 200, color changing lamps plus 956 Martin Martin Cyclo 01 linear fluorescent lamps.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The bridge lighting area includes two-way 4 lane bridge deck and three main arches, which are illuminated by colored lights extending above and below the road plane. The custom Martin Cyclo luminaire is installed in the lighting unit under the deck of the bridge to provide white light.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The lighting control system is centered on the Martin Maxxyz Compact lighting control center for lighting programming, and is equipped with Martin M-PC console for controlling daily lighting scenarios.——LED bridge lighting engineering

    The main goal of the Sheikh Zayed bridge project is to improve the entrance into the Abu Dhabi city electric power consumption. Using LED lights to improve traffic safety, make roads clearer and reduce glare, and achieve about 70% energy saving.——LED bridge lighting engineering

   The successful completion of the project shows the importance of cooperation, and how architectural lighting becomes a whole discipline, bringing designers, manufacturers and engineers together in an integrated process.——LED bridge lighting engineering