The Latest Production Process Of 14 Manufacturers
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Business of various factories

Ruifeng Electronics: small size backlight products are being built to build mass production lines.

In the latest disclosure of investor relations records, the company showed a 55 inch Mini LED television at the 2018 Shanghai international display technology exhibition, which won the 2018 innovation display product award, and the company's Mini LED backlighting technology has been in the industry's leading position.

Ruifeng photoelectric introduction, in addition to large TV backlighting, the company's Mini LED backlight product technology is also used for the MLED small backlight source products and the development of minimal distance M-DISPLAY products, and have made substantial progress.

At the same time, the company said that the company's Mini LED small backlight products have completed the sample and production process acceptance, with 3K film / month sample production capacity, and is now preparing to build a full automatic production line.

Hua can optoelectronic: already bulk shipments

In terms of Mini LED, huaxan photoelectric has achieved mass production. Yu Xinhua, chairman of Hua can optoelectronic, said that hucan opto Mini LED products have been shipped in batch in the first quarter of 2018, with a monthly income of about millions of yuan, and customers are mainly overseas customers.

China Star optoelectronics: Mini LED backlight is expected to achieve mass production in the second half year.

The company is developing Mini LED backlighting to speed up the backlighting of various sizes, such as mobile phone and TV, and is expected to achieve mass production in the second half of the year. Mini LED shows that P0.9 products have been sample to several display customers in a small batch, at 6 Monthly production is formal.

Lyad: Mini LED products in the small batch research and development stage

In the latest disclosure statement of investor relations, Lyad said that the small spacing is still in the high growth stage of the industry, and the Mini LED product is in the small volume development phase.

Accumulation: Mini LED module in Q1 production next year

The planned Mini LED display module will be mass-produced in the first half of 2019, and now a clearer mass production time will be released. By the end of this year, the Mini LED backlight module will start to drive IC, which will be shipped in the first quarter of next year. At the same time, the second generation Mini LED box module is greatly improved, and is confident to enter the production in the first quarter of next year.

Au: will sell the mini LED game display panel at Q4.

Recently, Cai Guoxin, general manager of optoelectronics, said the company has begun to provide customers with a mini LED backlight LCD panel for game displays for customers to verify that commercial shipments of such panels may begin in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Group creation: Mini LED public display (PID) splicing application is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

The Mini LED public display (PID) splicing application is expected to be launched at the end of this year. Large size TV applications are expected to be listed in the second quarter of the year (2019), and a series of other product lines are being actively reviewed. Another vehicle product is long due to a long certification period and is expected to be listed in 2020.

Crystal: Mini LED expects Q4 shipments

A few days ago, Jing Electric said that Mini LED expects small shipments in the fourth quarter of this year, accounting for three to 40% of revenue in 2020. The Mini LED product has at least one mobile phone customer, and an international display screen will also produce a more than 100 inch large display screen that will use Mini LED and a 27 inch video display screen. In addition, there are many mobile phone factories are being discussed.

In addition, in the second half of 2018, wafer optoelectronic will carry out a small batch trial production of Mini LED chips for smart phones, tablets, liquid crystal displays and RGB three in one fine pixel spacing display backlight, and plans to start production in 2019.

Japan Asia: Mini LED is ready to enter the production phase

Japan Asia Chemical Second Department Technology chang ban Kao history said that the Mini LED technology development has been completed, now ready to enter the production stage, but can not reveal whether it will be in this year's production, after all, production also has technology, equipment, stability and other problems to be overcome.

At present, Japan has signed contract specific cooperation with specific customers. In order to allow customers to take the lead in the global launch of Mini LED products, it is inconvenient to disclose any details at this stage, only to indicate that Mini LED developed by Japan Asia is a "real Mini LED" with a size that can reach 100 mu m, and will also move towards the consumption type in the future. Electronic product market.

Longda: Mini LED Q3 shipment

Longda chairman Su Fengzheng revealed that in the Mini LED, the current progress is quite smooth, some customers have been verified, will be shipped from the third quarter, customers have high hopes for Mini LED products, and the customer application mainly includes the high order production of the bidding pen, the vehicle panel, the medical display device, the high-order professional drawing display and so on. Goods.

Hundreds of millions of light: Mini LED related products are expected to start shipping Q4

In Mini LED, Ye Yinfu, chairman of billions of light, said that it is continuing to send samples, the fourth quarter of the company is expected to have Mini LED related products to start shipping, mainly used in car and hand-held devices.

East Bay: Mini LED has completed sample certification

East Bay said that Mini LED will play the role of Dongbei revenue and the key role of profit growth. With the completion of sample verification, with the arrival of the electronic traditional peak season, the shipment forecast will grow significantly, and the company is optimistic about the next half year operation.

Hongqi: mobile phone use Mini LED in authentication

In the Mini LED part, the 4 Mini LED developed by Hongqi is combined into a Mini COB package product that can be applied to the LED screen in the cinema, and the delivery has already begun, and the Mini LED in the mobile phone is in the authentication.

Chau Ming Technology: P0.7 Mini LED products have been developed

Chow Ming Technology said on the interactive platform that the company has always had technical reserves for the application of Mini LED on the big screen. The company has been able to mass produce P0.9 products, and has also developed P0.7 products.

Of course, the members of the "Micro/Mini LED camp" are far more than the enterprises mentioned in the previous article, but because of the different layout time and R & D investment, the manufacturers are also different in the progress.

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