The Feasibility Of LED Lighting Fixtures Entering The Classroom
- Feb 01, 2018 -

The main factors to be considered in classroom lighting design are: visual operation characteristics, illuminance level and illumination quality requirement.

The visual characteristics of the classroom are mainly based on the students ' visual direction and characteristics of the design, such as students from the visual near the place to see the vision far from the book to see the blackboard this distance to ensure that there is sufficient light to illuminate. Illuminance level refers to the illumination that the light source can satisfy. According to the visual operation characteristics of the classroom to determine the illuminance value, need to take into account the lighting comfort, economic capacity. Illumination quality includes illuminance uniformity, brightness ratio, light distribution, direct glare, reflective glare, light screen reflection, color, light source color, etc.

LED lighting as the most energy-saving and environmental protection, the lowest energy consumption, the best illumination of a lighting, its advantages have been a topic of great relish, but because of its price reasons by ordinary family users to avoid. But the school is a site for the country to train talent, not can be measured by money. Moreover, LED lighting lamps have long service life, installed on the LED lighting lamps, basically can be said to be once and for all. LED lighting to enter the classroom is feasible.