​The Difference Between LED Power And LED Linear Power Supply
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The difference between LED power and LED linear power supply is mainly in their way of working.

LED linear power power devices work in a linear state, because there is no switch intervention, it is like the water pipe has been in the water, if there is much, it will leak out, this is some of the LED linear power of the Mos tube we often see a lot of heat, all of the electrical energy, converted into heat, so LED linear power supply The conversion efficiency is very low, generally in the 50%~60%, and when the heat is high, the life of components is necessary to decline, affecting the final use effect. LED linear power mode of operation, so that he must have a step-down device from high voltage to low voltage, generally are transformers, rectifier output DC voltage. Disadvantages are bulky, bulky, low efficiency and high calorific value. Advantages: small ripple, good adjustment rate and small external interference. It is suitable for analog circuits, amplifiers and so on.

The power devices of LED ordinary power supply work in the switch state, the frequency of one off and one off is very fast, the ordinary led ordinary power frequency is in 100~200KHz, and the module power is 300 to 500KHZ. The main working principle is the Mos pipe turns on the upper and lower bridges.

First, the current flows through the Mos pipe of the upper bridge, and uses the storage function of the coil to gather power into the coil.

Finally, close the Mos pipe of the upper bridge and open the Mos pipe of the lower bridge, and the coil and capacitor continue to supply the external power.

Then close the Mos pipe of the lower bridge, then open the upper bridge to let the current flow in, so repeat it.

Because it takes turns to switch the Mos tube, it is called led common power supply.

The advantage is small size, small loss, efficiency up to 80% to 90%.. It is said that the best VICOR module of the United States is up to 99%. shortcoming is that the line Bobbi linear power supply is larger and cost a little higher.