The Demand For Inventory Compensation Has Been Pushed Up, And The LED Plant In May Has Recovered Its Temperature.
- Jun 13, 2018 -

In the face of the new production and supply of new capacity in mainland China, the LED population in Taiwan, China, has been adjusted for several consecutive seasons. LED epitaxy / crystal power plant crystal electricity revenue in May increased by nearly 9%. LED prices have fallen over the past few quarters, and if they compare with the same period last year, revenues will still decrease year by year.——LED Taiwan chip

LED packaging plant billion light in backlighting, lighting inventory back driven, revenue in May increased by 2.4%, but because of price competition, continued to decline 16%, the first 5 months of the first 5 months of revenue is still reduced by 1. Similarly, with the support of the group, with the support of the group, such as backlighting and other consumer applications, revenue increased by 25.7% in May, but decreased by 6.56% annually. Guang Lei and Ding Yuan increased their demand for sensing components. In May, their revenues increased by 13.37% and 5.68% respectively, compared with the same period last year, which also increased by 5.9% and 6.97% respectively. Ding Yuan has created a new high in the same period in the same period of nearly 3 years.——LED Taiwan chip

The LED packaging factory, which turns to niche market, has a revenue of 479 million yuan (NT $6.6%) in May, a monthly increase of 6.6% and an annual increase of 11.6%. Bai hung in May revenue of 165 million yuan, an increase of 25.2%, an annual increase of 9.44%, for the single month high this year. High power LED packaging plant, iflute, withdrew from low profit PLCC last year and turned to the car market and optimized the product portfolio. In May, revenue increased by 23%, an annual increase of 30.7%, and a new high of nearly 14 months. LED packaging plant light tripod revenue in May increased by 50.7%, an annual increase of 19.4%, the main reason is LED stable industry and real estate sales account.——LED Taiwan chip

Lead frame factory Jian - ce focused CPU/ connector fastener, hot strip, wire rack, car heat dissipation, and other four major products line, revenue of about 386 million yuan in May, the monthly decrease of 0.35%, but the annual increase of 36%.——LED Taiwan chip

Lighting Factory soup stone lighting because of the European Department ODM order return, May revenue station 104 million yuan, the monthly increase of 4.9%, the annual increase of 28.3%, a new high of nearly 24 months, the cumulative revenue of the first 5 months of the annual increase of 11.4%. -KY, the Grand Canyon of the landscape lighting factory, was affected by the entry time of the standard case. In May, its revenue dropped to 129 million yuan, a monthly decrease of 30% and an annual increase of 2.2%. The total revenue of the first 5 months has increased by 126.66% annually. The company is still optimistic about the prospect of landscape lighting in mainland China and the next two years. As to whether the future Suzhou subsidiary plan to go to the mainland of Shenzhen A shares will affect the allocation of the parent subsidiary company's business resources, yet it is still to be observed.——LED Taiwan chip

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