Ten Characteristics Of China's LED Display Market Development
- Apr 28, 2018 -

    Zhongguancun online news, according to data show that in recent years, China's LED display market has continued to grow. In 2013, China's LED display application industry market totaled 27 billion yuan. In 2014, benefiting from the development of the small-pitch product and advertising media market, the sales volume of the LED display application industry in the country had a new increase compared with 2013. The total market volume reached 30 billion yuan in the whole year, with an increase rate of 10-15%. . In this LED display application industry development process, the development of China's LED display application industry shows the following characteristics:

    1. The overall development of the industry has reached a level of scale. The development of key technology products has matured. The overall product quality and reliability have significantly improved. The professional division of labor and collaboration in the industry have taken shape. The market demand and application of products have been expanding.

    2. The influential brand enterprises in the industry have grown rapidly, forming a number of large-scale and key enterprises and possessing strong comprehensive strength. The ability to compete in the international market and undertake the implementation of large-scale display system projects has improved significantly. Domestic LED display application companies have performed outstandingly in the construction of major projects and key projects.

    3. The development of LED upstream industry has a significant effect on the development of the display application industry. Active technological innovation in the industry, positive interaction between the upstream and downstream of the LED industry chain, rapid promotion and application of new products and new technologies, continuous improvement of the industry’s overall product technology development capabilities, and enhanced technological development, technical support, and technical assurance capabilities to meet specific application needs .

    4. Based on traditional LED large-screen display technologies and products, LED display application product technology is continuously expanding. Based on the development of LED chip materials, driver ICs, and control technologies, many companies in the industry have integrated LED applications, semiconductor lighting, and lighting. Lighting engineering and other aspects formed a certain technical foundation and production engineering foundation.

    5. The trend of standardization and intensification of industrial development is highlighted. The LED display application industry association has actively promoted the product technology exchange and standardization work for many years, and promoted the standardized development of industrial technology products through the implementation of product technology standards and product technology testing. Standardization and standardization have led to an increase in the level of industrialization, and the accumulation effect of industrial layout has been reflected. For example, Shenzhen has concentrated more large-scale enterprises.

    6. Although the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has had a significant effect on the promotion of industrial development, we must understand objectively and rationally the pull factors of the Olympic Games in 2008. On the one hand, large-scale activities have a strong timeliness in direct driving of the industry, but their persistence is not strong. They must seek new growth points for the development of the industry after the Olympic Games. On the other hand, the Olympic Games has created a rare opportunity for development for the industry. How to make LED display applications continue to flourish and promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development, the industry should pay more attention and attention.

    7. In 2008, companies in the industry encountered the “337 investigation” in the United States and should arouse our attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. We should strengthen the measures against non-tariff trade barriers in the process of going to the international market and developing the domestic emerging LED market. The cognition grasps the necessary means to prevent and protect the development of the industry.

    8. We must pay attention to the impact of the global financial crisis that is sweeping across the globe on the future development of the LED display application industry. The financial crisis has a relatively direct negative impact on the market demand in banks, advertising media, and other areas. The international market demand will decline, and the crisis It is difficult to predict when the winter season will end. In the face of the international financial crisis, the Chinese government has actively introduced policies to stimulate domestic demand and increased investment in infrastructure. This will bring many new opportunities. Enterprises in the industry should actively pay attention to changes in the market, adjust product and market strategies in a timely manner, respond to the crisis, and maintain the stable development of the company.

    9. The LED display application industry has great potential for future development. The national and local governments should give active policy support from the strategic perspective to the development of the LED display application industry, encourage technological innovation, support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate project financing, and construction project management practices. In terms of technical supervision, etc., formulate specific policies that are scientific, objective, and conducive to industrial development.

    10. LED display application companies must strengthen the overall quality of their enterprises, strengthen their core competitiveness based on existing technologies and product bases, develop rich industrial contents through innovation, actively explore enterprise restructuring and effective use of capital markets, and continuously improve their performance. The long-term development ability.

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