Tang Guoqing: How Can Hongkong Find The Industry Vane In The Absence Of The International Giants?
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The annual autumn lighting exhibition in Hongkong finally came to an end in the context of the trade war. This year, the Hong Kong Exhibition seems to be the "autumn". Total feeling: not so noisy before, so loud and noisy. It's white and feels cold.——LED lighting

The exhibition is a product, gathering popularity. This year's exhibition is a bit weird, it was supposed to gather popularity of the exhibition, but also set up indoor and outdoor exhibitions, one in the city Wanchai, one in the "outside" airport. Organizers seem confident that the same exhibitors, such as indoor and outdoor products, must be divided into two ways, tired of running, then the customer? Not even more tired. Although today is a hard time to find, what about tomorrow? If we do not put the market demand first, or "capricious" words, I am afraid Guangzhou Guangya exhibition "jumped on", do not believe that next year will witness.——LED lighting

If you want to talk about some feelings about the Hong Kong Exhibition, the following are the details.

1. Can't find a big international company? The original giants of the lighting industry are missing. They seem to have negotiated. None of them will come. GE, OSRAM, Xin Nuo Fei, Lund Vance, CREE, Samsung, Japan and other giants have not been exhibited. It seems that "world lighting to see China" is not a joke, the grand gathering of the giants can only rely on the biennial Frankfurt exhibition! Of course, the giant figure outside the exhibition is still very active, the two front hotel conference rooms are packed, are staged "lurking" drama.——LED lighting

Second, can not find the industry vane? International giants do not come, who will carry the industry flag? From chips to devices to lamps, that is, the so-called front, middle, back, to whom to learn, how to match the standard? Rex chairman Wang Donglei calls from the sky: found, with LED wine glasses for drinking. I really walked up and down, saying that it was a weathervane. It is a micro innovation, but some visits are made. It seems that Wang's wine is not to drink. Is not millet coming? But the booth is not very good. I feel like I lack confidence in "smart home lighting". Lighting is not achieved casually overnight, artificial intelligence is not only rely on "shouting" can be successful, play can, play seems to be difficult to fulfill a dream. Intelligence changes lighting after all depends on IC, rely on sensing, rely on...... That's the way of kings. Shengdi and Opp are ready to come, especially Shengdi, general manager of Shen Jinxiang said: there are gains in the international, profitable, and the next in the domestic strength!——LED lighting

3. Can't find the dazzling explosives? The epoch-making innovations of LED lighting products are not uncommon. For example, Huizhou sun Watson's solar table lamps are new favorites. According to the general manager of Li Jiahang, the most expensive thing to sell on the Internet is his home, the airline aluminum frame, really high-end atmosphere and dynamic. Another example is the "filament lamp" of Changzhou Fuxing company, which is magnificent. The glass shell, especially transparent and bright, according to Zhao Zhu: It is made of high-definition glass, spotless and not easy to aging.——LED lighting

Four, Hong Kong Exhibition "find". Admittedly, in the days when the eyes are full of LED, don't expect a Hong Kong exhibition to bring you much enlightenment, if only there are three "find" good: first, find old friends. The exhibition is a gathering place. No wonder foreigners will prepare so many drinks when they attend the exhibition. Drink coffee, SIP beer, and sign the "single" too. In fact, people are familiar, the product is homogeneous, take strangers, as old friends, familiar with reliable ah! Hehui Huazhong, see familiar foreigners, like to see relatives like to rush up. He said: to do old friends business is enough! Two is to find new friends. The exhibition is a hypermarket. Let's take a look. Experience is the best feeling. When you are in the middle, you can talk about marriage. This is the way a new friend comes from. The matchmaker is a product. So the product features are particularly important, either bright or delicate? Or affordable or heart-beating? So exhibition is very important. This time, the leader, Mulinsen, is "different from the past", no longer based on cold tones, but warm people's hearts, visual comfort ah! Third, to find a new feeling. The exhibition will be "pay attention to all knowledge". The exhibition is not lack of beauty, but lack of discovery. Northeast essays are often chatter, and new products are often touched by electric shocks. So there is time, or go to the exhibition "slide", may immediately be harvested!——LED lighting

Fifth, lighting has entered the mature period of semiconductor lighting era, do not expect a Hong Kong exhibition to bring you any great harvest, in fact, it is good to come, there is only better. Of course, you say semiconductor lighting has come to an end? I don't think so. If you think about it, there is still a lot of room for development, such as MiniLED, MicroLED, UV, laser lighting, full spectrum, natural light. Still have: Full illumination, whole house illumination, humanistic illumination, human illumination, visual and non-visual illumination and so on, this awaits illuminant to further explore, awaits the friend who crosses the boundary to seek together, this is also I go to "LUT RON" the reason. I believe that a good life needs bright lights and no dimming.——LED lighting

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