Summer Kitchen High Temperature Alarm, Three Male Aurora Cool Tyrants To Rescue
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Today, the hot summer, the hottest time in the year! There are proverbs called "the summer heat, the rice also lazily boiled", it is said that the day is hot, people become lazy, even three meals are lazy to prepare. In fact, it can't be a strange cook. The kitchen in the summer is like the Flaming Mountains, through the firing, oil, hot pot, stir fry and other processes, the temperature of the kitchen can soar to 39 degrees in 5 minutes, and the air is scorched.

But what do you want to do? How do you do it? It can help you, it is the God of the day to save the cooking and sweat. Today, two cost-effective cool hegemony, let you enjoy the fun of "summer kitchen".

The Silver Star Series honeycomb type cool bully 3030 uses the honeycomb type outlet design, the cooling wind blows more evenly, the resistance is smaller; uses the body mechanics principle to make the 60 degree swing leaf, the air volume is bigger; the super strong wind, the straight distance 5 meters test experiment, the outlet wind speed reaches 7.1 meters / second.

The Silver Star series remote control hundred leaf type cool bully 3030 can be intelligent remote control switch, blow, swing, timing and other functions; built-in negative ion generator, the air is ionized to produce a large number of healthy molecules, to clean and clean the air effect; using a 120 degree wide swing design, the wind effect is better.

Three male Aurora cool hegemony device on the ceiling, do not occupy space, do not destroy the beauty, do not interfere with the oil smoke machine, do not affect the fire, but also clean the kitchen air, is undoubtedly a necessary God for the summer.