Several Requirements For Civil Building Lighting
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Civil building lighting requirements are many, the relevant specifications are also more detailed, and a few points are listed to share with you. (LED Tube Light)

1. The general lighting of each site must be set, and the requirements of the visual activity nature of the site should also be met. (LED Tube Light)

Because general lighting is basic lighting, meet the basic lighting environment requirements of the site.

The shop in figure 1 USES tube lamps as general lighting and is uniformly arranged. (LED Tube Light)

Figure 1 shows an example of general lighting (LED Tube Light)

2. It is recommended to use district general lighting in places with permanent access areas, and the lighting intensity of the access area should not be less than 1/3 of that of the working area. (LED Tube Light)

Figure 2 shows an example of channel lighting (LED Tube Light)

Permanent fixed channels are often used in commercial lighting, especially in outlets, specialty stores, etc.

According to the experiment, the indoor environment and neighbouring visual task, for example in figure 2 stores and channel, the brightness of the channel should be as far as possible below the brightness of the store, but the difference is not too large, the best is not lower than the shop the 1/3 of brightness, avoid to cause visual does not adapt to and to produce visual fatigue.

 (LED Tube Light)

3, the places where requires fine visual work needs for local lighting, set in the visual areas of illumination in the assignments section adjacent surrounding illumination based on areas less, not less than 200 lx, and the rest of the area of not less than 100 lx general lighting intensity of illumination. (LED Tube Light)

Figure 3 an example of office lighting

As shown in FIG. 3, lighting is provided for an office, and basic lighting is provided for general lighting. Local lighting is set on each station to meet the lighting requirements of employees. (LED Tube Light)

Generally speaking, general lighting accounts for 1/3~1/5 of the total illumination of the workspace.

Areas around the nearby is no clear definition, generally refers to section 0.5 m range, the illuminance distribution if falling too fast, can cause visual difficult and uncomfortable, so the request of illuminance is around the areas adjacent to provide vision brightness (illumination) distribution in good balance, and have the appropriate intensity of illumination gradient, does not cause visual discomfort, and energy saving effect. (LED Tube Light)

In figure 3, the illumination of office space changes: office space, 500lx (300lx), neighborhood (greater than or equal to 200lx), and other areas (greater than or equal to 100lx). (LED Tube Light)