Samsung Micro LED TV Launched Before The End Of The Year, The Price Is Estimated To Exceed 1 Million 800 Thousand Yuan.
- Apr 16, 2018 -

    The higher TV market is getting more and more lively. Samsung Electronics will launch television using the Micro LED new - generation display technology by the end of the year, which could be priced at $300 thousand (RMB 1 million 880 thousand yuan). In addition, LG will start selling new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV in the world this week, and the selling point is LG AI platform DeepThinQ.——Micro LED

    Li Dongtai, the chief designer of Samsung Electronics, did not disclose the specifications of the new product, but said the panel was designed with modularized design, and the screen size would be more flexible than the company's largest 88 inches. Samsung intends to enter the high-order TV market in the US and the Middle East with this product, and set it as a substitute for computer monitors.——Micro LED

    Micro LED uses micro LED that will give red, green and blue light on every screen. It is regarded as a new breakthrough product in the field of display technology. Compared with the existing liquid crystal display (LCD) and OLED TV in the market, Micro LED displays have better quality and wider perspective.——Micro LED

    On the other hand, LG electronics 15, the latest OLED TV will start in the 16 day in the United States market, and then gradually launched in Europe, South America and Asia.——Micro LED

    LG predicts that OLED TV will sell 2 million 500 thousand units in the global market this year, which is much higher than that of last year's 1 million 600 thousand. In response to the trend of the market, the company plans to increase the proportion of OLED TVs in its products from 15% last year to 20% this year. In addition to using OLED technology in its own products, LG currently supplies OLED panels for 13 TV manufacturers including Sony.——Micro LED