Radar Induction LED Fluorescent Lamp
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Radar induction LED fluorescent lamp is a new high - quality, intelligent, super - energy - saving high-tech product developed by Zhongshan good American science and Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. in 2011. Based on the Doppler effect principle, we independently develop the transmitter and receiver circuit of the planar antenna, detect the surrounding electromagnetic environment intelligently, and adjust the working state automatically. Thus the effect of intelligent power saving is achieved. It is widely used in corridors, corridors, toilets, basement, garage, warehouse, monitoring and other energy-saving automatic lighting places.——Radar induction LED

1., based on the principle of Doppler effect, we independently develop planar antenna transmitter and receiver circuit, detect electromagnetic environment around it, and automatically adjust the working state.

2., the power consumption of ultra low lighting at rest is generally 2-2.5W, and it can be adjusted according to environment.

3., when the body or vehicle enters the mobile way, it can automatically induce full load work, 10-18W (0.6 or 1.2 meter lamps).

4. full load working time: 2 seconds -60 sec, adjustable according to environment.

5. induction sensitivity: 1-9 meters;

The 6. day average power consumption is 4.8 watts; (8 hours at work, 16 hours at rest, 10W at full load).

7. wide voltage input.

8. constant current precision 2%,