Philips Lighting Greater China Headquarters Opened New Building, The Company New Chinese Name Is Xino Fei.
- May 16, 2018 -

The global lighting leader, philips lighting (Amsterdam stock exchange code: European LIGHT) today officially enabled using smart interconnected lighting technology to build new greater China headquarters, and for the first time that the company Chinese name xin to fly.

On May 16, 2018, philips lighting was officially renamed the first Day and the first International Day of Light set up by UNESCO.

"We have chosen this special day for the opening ceremony of the greater China headquarters building, as well as another important moment in the company's transformation journey with customers, employees and partners.

We are independent public operations over the past two years are proud of the achievements made, thanks to our customers, employees and partners in this exciting transformation period to give continued support and trust, "xin fly greater China President Wang Yun said.

The new company's name is a new definition of lighting: light has become an intelligent language, connecting and delivering information.

It clearly expresses the company's vision and goal: to unlock the extraordinary potential of illumination, to create "a bright world, a good life".

Chinese name is endowed with more abundant implication, has more than 127 years history of the company such as the rising sun, enduring, and always adhering to the innovative concept, stick to the commitment to the Chinese market, to achieve the leap development in the era of Internet of things.

The greater China headquarters in Shanghai caohejing development zone new building as a model of iot era lighting application, shows the smart + connected lighting technology in the application of all kinds of space, fully embodies the people due to the lighting and the concept of green health building, makes the "light, than can see" the innovation office space.

Leading the Internet of things lighting innovation.

The company is dedicated to lighting companies in the era of the Internet of creations.

Integration of new building greater China headquarters company LED products and intelligent lighting system of innovation, all show the iot lighting for each application scenario brings huge boost: not only make the employees have the comfortable lighting experience of people-oriented, improve work efficiency;

More building managers provide green intelligent lighting solutions, optimize space usage, and reduce operating costs.

Lighting has a wide range of coverage and penetration, turning the lighting point into an Internet of things access point, which will greatly accelerate the Internet of things and realize intelligence and informationization.

From the street light surrounding the building to building facade of the building lighting, office lighting and part of the building household lighting products, all-round display the giant leap from smart + connected lighting, light has become a kind of intelligent language, connect and transmit information.

Internet of things will all interconnected, the building is to people because of the Lighting (Human Centric Lighting) as a starting point, the street light, architecture, interior, such as integrated management, energy consumption for people shows how smart + connected Lighting innovation in all aspects to help all kinds of space green, healthy and lean to achieve goals.

By connecting light to the web, software, sensors and the Internet of things, you can find more possibilities for smart office and life.

Commitment to the Chinese market.

It has been nearly a century since it entered China, and in 1920, philips branded lighting products entered China.

The company has established a wide range of sales and channel networks to serve China's professional and consumer lighting market.

The company currently has 36 sales offices in China, more than 300 philips fashion lighting and retail outlets.

It currently has five production bases in China and one of the world's second largest r&d centers.

Announced on May 14, xin nuo fly and shenzhen lei Ming technology co., LTD. (lei Ming technology) signed a deal to buy the Chinese city landscape and facade lighting lamps and lanterns and control system of the manufacturer.

Through the acquisition, the company's high-end building facade lighting products and systems development is the rapid development of the category in the end, further strengthen the massive and rapid growth in China's urban landscape lighting market leadership.

While actively promoting the business, xinnofei also CARES about the community, focuses on sustainable development and fulfives the commitment of corporate social responsibility.

The greater China region, which has been operating at the end of 2017, is an important part of the company's commitment to global carbon neutrality by 2020.

The realization of carbon neutral operation in greater China benefits from clean energy substitution, operation, logistics and travel optimization.

The company purchased clean electric energy from jingheng liang wind power project, and purchased carbon compensation for small hydropower projects in the living water village and the landfill gas recovery project in suzhou qizi mountain landfill gas recovery project.

Since 2015, the company has reduced waste landfill by 91%, recycling 92% of its waste in 2017 alone.

We aim to achieve zero waste landfill in the world by 2020.

The company will reduce the waste generation of operation links, combine recycling and incineration, and achieve the goal of zero landfill.

Global leap

With a history of more than 127 years, it has been founded in eindhoven, Netherlands by philips, and continues to lead innovation in the professional lighting and consumer lighting market.

The company was independently operated in 2016 and listed on the European stock exchange of Amsterdam in the same year.

In 2018, it is listed as the benchmark index (AEX) of the European stock exchange in Amsterdam.

Under the licensing agreement with royal philips, the company will continue to use philips, the world's most trusted lighting brand.

Background information

Philips Lighting NV officially changed its name to xinnov.

The registration information change for philips lighting (China) investment co., LTD is expected to be completed in early 2019.