One Week Hot Spots In The LED Circle: The Popularity Of The Hot Industry Has Not Been Reduced, And Taiwan Has Announced Its May Results.
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The time of the week's broadcast has arrived again. This week's LED circle has cooled down. It seems to have responded to the weather in Guangdong, that is, the high temperature relief after the storm. Although the dynamics of big coffee are few, the hot areas in the industry remain hot, including high lighting applications such as landscape lighting and vehicle lighting. The focus is of course Micro LED. After a period of layout, some big factories have announced progress and new layout. In addition, in June, Taiwan LED plant disclosed its performance in May, and published its views on future operation. Gossip, less description, more details, please follow the online gentleman to look down.

[big caffeine]

The company has signed up two agreements to promote different LED landscape lighting projects.

On the 13 day, the announcement of the PPP announced the progress of the company's project and signed a cooperation agreement. The company said the signing of the cooperation agreement is to promote this cooperation. The project is the PPP project of the landscape lighting optimization and upgrading project of the Qingdao West Coast new town administration. The total investment amount is estimated at RMB 343 million 610 thousand yuan.

On the 15 day, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Lu'an famous foreign Electronics Co., Ltd. signed the "Four Party regulatory agreement on raised funds" and has set up a special account with a total of 200 million yuan in the collection bank, which is only used for the research and development base of LED landscape art lamps and lanterns. The construction project of the experience Exhibition Center.

The company has two subsidiary companies, including lighting and semiconductor components.

On the 14 day, dry photo announcement, based on the company's strategic planning and business development needs, the company invested in Xiamen city of Fujian province and Nanchang city of Jiangxi province to set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Xiamen Zhen Yufeng science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Qian Zhao Lighting Co., Ltd. The main businesses of the two companies relate to lighting, semiconductor lighting and other fields.

Accumulate: continue to develop high-order LED display applications, accelerate the layout of vehicle lighting.

Chen Qikai, the general manager, pointed out at the shareholders' meeting that this year, it continued to move towards the high level LED display development application, increase the value-added function of the product, and develop product optimization and upgrading and more cost-effective products. Based on the super small space LED display module development plan, the Micro LED display is developed. In addition, the outdoor building lighting and the white DC-DC, AC-DC constant current and switching drive IC are developed as the spindle. Vehicle parts will accelerate the layout of vehicle OE lighting technology and products.

[Micro LED show]

Let's go all the way to Hon Hai to sprint Micro LED and compete with Samsung?

Hon Hai Group sprint Micro LED, group creation, Rong Chuang, fan Xuan three big hit. The group creates the panel technology advantage assists, the glory creates the key role, not only takes on the Micro LED technology development, also participates in the important transfer investment layout; the newly joined sail Xuan, then has the European team to seek the door voluntarily, the cooperation develops the key large quantity transfer technology.

Chuan Hon Hai aims to win iPhone's future panel orders, synchronizing its application with Samsung in TV and other large scale applications and accumulating energy.

The big tycoons are competing for the layout of Micro LED.

All the people and horses in the Micro LED market, the first exhibition of the world's highest resolution full color active Micro LED display technology, proclaimed the production time of the period. Taiwan Institute of technology assists in the development of crystal electricity, Xinxing and accumulation, and develops a "super small spacing Micro LED indoor display module" to rush to attack the 110 inch indoor display market.

Samsung works together with Danish enterprises to develop Micro LED TV The Wall upgrade version.

In the face of the increase of new production capacity and supply in mainland China, the LED population in Taiwan region has been adjusted for several consecutive seasons.

LED packaging plant billion light in backlighting, lighting inventory back driven, revenue in May increased by 2.4%, but because of price competition, continued to decline 16%, the first 5 months of the first 5 months of revenue is still reduced by 1.

The performance of Li Qing in May was excellent, and the three vertical lights were seized to announce expansion.

Thanks to the promotion of the dual integration system of the mainland's vehicle factory, the light weight and energy saving group of the Taiwan factory auto parts in May were delighted. Li Qing's combined revenue in May was 302 million yuan (NT $, the same below), and increased by 30% annually. The consolidated revenue in May was 1 billion 709 million yuan, an annual increase of 11%, a record high in the same period.

In addition, Li Qing pointed out that the company successfully entered the three car lights, and achieved the brand car factory certification, expected to produce operational benefits in the fourth quarter, and for the needs of Wuhan's small customer orders, and has also started the related expansion plan.

The demand for 3D sensors and vehicles is strong.

New applications, such as car use, 3D sensing and automation equipment, have strong demand for sensing elements. The operation of the Ding Yuan is rapidly increasing. The company is also actively expanding its capacity. The new plant is expected to be completed in June. The production capacity of the sensor will increase by 50%, and the proportion of sensing components will also be increased from 50% to 60%. The gross profit and profit of yuan have made the Dingyuan good performance this year, thanks to the strong growth of sensor components.

The May battalion of altherson has resumed heat, and will continue to promote high level commercial lighting and vehicle lighting.

The LED packaging factory, Alisen, faded off its low profit PLCC last year and actively adjusted its product mix, expanded modular products and headlights, and improved its operation. In May this year, revenue stood at 252 million yuan (NT $, the same below), a monthly increase of 23%, an annual increase of 30.7%, hitting a new wave band in the past 14 months. Accumulated revenue in the first 5 months also increased by 1.56% year on year. The estimated second quarter revenue may be slightly higher than the first quarter, the industry has the opportunity to continue to earn. Full year after tax return to profit.