OLED Lighting Development Speed Lampshade Can Be 3D Printed
- Oct 09, 2018 -

The fifth LED/OLED Lighting exhibition in Lighting Japan 2015 has some commercial applications for OLED Lighting, including OLED Lighting devices used in the medical system, and is one of the Lighting applications that will be of concern to the participating buyers.

We can be observed in the exhibition "the third session of Tokyo design lighting exhibition" exhibition, better than the previous two terms, there are more concentrated LED lighting design of the booth, the organizers in black base for booth tonality, and integration of the spirit, suitable for use in lighting design concept to convey exhibition, let a good LED lighting applications, OLED lighting can have.

Takahata electronics continues to work on the medical lighting concepts it has developed in the past. It now offers OLED lights for paramedics that can be used in hospitals in a soft light pattern, and it pairs different OLED light panel suppliers to produce suitable applications for the market.

Feel Lab, a Japanese manufacturer, offers lighting lamps made of fabric made by craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the lighting aesthetics that attracts people's attention. This product is called "only 10mm", which is only one centimeter thick.

Another LED light bulb, also one centimeter thick, LiLi, was more inquisitive at the scene.

The company has also created PACO, a wood-structure OLED lamp, which is a good match pattern with a light source.

OLED lighting by anno-design in Japan is quite special. The lamp is made by 3D printing. This is the outer cover of the lamp made by 3D printing technology.

Japanese manufacturers use OLED light sources and natural stone to create a very thin light source and the effect of building materials, making it possible for thin walls of light.

For many commercial or construction Spaces, such solutions can be considered for retrofitting walls or creating special effects.