Name Change Of A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Wood
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In July 24th, he announced that the name of the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Province, was changed to "Ji'an Ma Lin Sen photoelectric Co., Ltd.", and other business registration matters did not change. At present, the relevant formalities have been completed, and the renewal of the "business license" has been made.

Mu Lin Sen said that the name became a better implementation of the company's overall development strategy, combined with the needs of the development of subsidiaries. The data show that Ji'an Lilin photoelectricity Co., Ltd. operates: light emitting diode, liquid crystal display, LED luminescence series products and materials, electronic products, various lighting lamps, lighting, electronic packaging materials production and sales, import and export business of the above products and intra country trade; city and road lighting engineering major. Contract, construction, and undertake night scene engineering design and construction, green engineering construction (with effective qualification certificate management); aluminum alloy, stainless steel production; energy saving technology research and development service, contract energy management; pre packaged food, wine, tobacco products, daily department stores, fruit, stylistic products sales; enterprise owned house lease.