Mu Lin Sen Enters The Automobile LED Lighting, Raises The Butcher Knife To Rush To The Afterloading Market.
- May 03, 2018 -

LED big factory Mu Lin Sen announced to enter the field of automotive LED lighting, the main car lights LED light source products, has been planned in Zhongshan and Jiangxi two production sites. However, the strategy of car light products is starting from Taiwan in China. It is expected to start shipping in the first half of next year through the cooperation between Taiwan and the lighting factory of the station, which is the first to cut back and direction lights in the early stage. As a long-term upstream chip supplier of Mu Lin Sen, crystalline materials will have an opportunity to benefit from it.

The industry pointed out that at present, compared with halogen lamps, whether the vehicle factory replaces LED lights, the key lies in the cost, and the flagship model will adopt higher willingness. However, the use of LED lamps in economic vehicles still needs to be shared by the host plant and users. Only the majority of the economic vehicles use LED lights, the whole LED lamp market will have a big explosion.

However, the whole automobile industry is undergoing unprecedented changes - the arrival of the new energy vehicle era will greatly change the design of the vehicle, especially the lighting system of the inside of the car, which is brought about by the three electric system, and the LED light source matching with the intelligentization is its choice.

According to data from the GGII, China's new energy vehicle reached 777 thousand in 2017, up to 53.25%, and the number of new energy vehicles in China is expected to be 1 million 100 thousand in 2018, up to 41.57%.

GGII data show that China's new energy vehicle ownership will continue to grow rapidly. The rapid upgrading of new energy vehicle penetration will drive the rapid growth of LED automotive lighting. However, GGII data also showed that in 2017, the penetration rate of LED in new energy passenger car headlamps reached 8%, and the penetration rate on tail lamps had reached 75%.

This shows that although LED automobile lighting has a wide market, LED's high permeability at taillight also reflects the embarrassing situation of the LED taillight afterloading market.

In the LED packaging industry, including OSRAM, Hongli Zhihui, crystal electronics, poly fly optoelectronic, Ruifeng optoelectronic, Dong Hao optoelectronic, and Zhong Hao optoelectronics are all active in the layout of LED. Among them, Hongli Zhi Hui, crystal electronics, poly fly optoelectronic, OSRAM and other pre installed market, and Dong Hao photoelectric, Hao optoelectronic, Ruifeng optoelectronic, and so on are the main market.

Hongli Zhihui, Jingke electronics and other domestic LED packaging enterprises have accumulated for many years in the technology of front mounted headlights, and have made a key breakthrough. In particular, Hongli Zhi Hui's LED lamp package products have already made the layout from small power to high power. Moreover, the 3528 and 3433 full vehicle LED of Hongli Zhihui has successfully passed the AEC-Q102 / IEC 60810 reliability quality test and achieved the vehicle gauge grade packaging standard.

With the upgrading of domestic LED performance and the upgrading of automobile consumption, the proportion of LED in the front loading market is increasing year by year. According to the 873 GGII and 6113 car models, 336 models and 1423 cars have been used with LED light source. It is worth noting that the LED lamp has become the standard of new energy vehicles listed in 2018.

According to the statistics of high tech electric vehicles, the market size of LED pre assembly continues to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14%. It can be concluded that with the continuous penetration of LED in the front loading market, the LED aftermarket will also show a rapid shrinkage.

Since the supply chain of the pre installed market is difficult to enter and have a huge risk of recalling, many domestic car light enterprises have been watching, and more of them are in the afterloading market. However, with the domestic LED enterprises stepping into the car lighting market, the car LED market (post market) has entered the Red Sea, and some enterprises using COB for low-end cars began to collapse.

People in the industry say, "at present, many aftermarket enterprises are pursuing low prices, even without standards and bottom line. And because of the high homogeneity of the product and the uneven quality, many car light factories have given a long account period for the LED enterprises in the rear loading market, and many LED packaging plants are deeply trapped in cash flow. "

As a result, the LED aftermarket is facing two major predicament: the market is declining and the market competition is in disorder. At this time, he entered the automotive LED lighting field, with its strong capital strength, large-scale production capacity and the whole industrial chain layout, or the opportunity to kill a blood path in a red sea in the back market. But the ordinary lighting market and the different customer groups and requirements of the car lighting market, the old revolutionary "slaughter" experience is as effective as the new battlefield, and see the market decomposition.