Mini LED Meets A Small Pitch! Is It A Natural Match Or A Missing Arm
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Mini LED meets a small pitch! Is it a "natural match" or a "missing arm"?

    At the moment, "MINI Culture" is prevalent in the world. Whether it is MP3s, mobile phones, or "big guys" cars have all launched MINI series products, which are favored by the market. The LED display industry is not far behind, from the advent of small-pitch LEDs in recent years, to the concept of MINI LED, technical innovations have caused a lot of attention in the industry. In particular, this year, major companies have combined MINI LED technology with a small pitch, and have launched MINI LED small pitch products, which have been buzzed by people in the industry. MINI's small-pitch products have become a well-deserved “big star” in the LED display industry.

    Small distance bottleneck MINI LED for its "icing on the cake"

    In 2018, after two years of rapid growth, the small gap still became the most popular subdivided product in the LED display industry. In order to expand market share, major LED display companies have increased their strategic layout in the small-pitch market. . At this stage, with the constant optimization of raw materials, R&D technology has been continuously upgraded, and LED display lamp beads have been able to achieve a small pitch of 1mm or less, which is sufficient to meet the market's requirements for product spacing. However, as the small-pitch market continues to mature, major screen companies have encountered the bottleneck of technological innovation on the R&D path of small-pitch products, and in addition to constantly making smaller and smaller distances, they have no way to start on other technical aspects. At this time, the emergence of MINI LED, for the small-pitch market, is undoubtedly the charity of the snow, bringing a new vitality.

    Many people are confused, MINI LED exactly where MINI is? In fact, MINI LED is not a morphological MINI, because its use of chip size is about 80-150 microns, smaller than the small pitch of about 100-300 microns chip size is much smaller, Therefore, it is called a MINI LED. Currently, the MINI LEDs that are widely used in the market are about 100 micrometers in size. It can be manufactured and tested not only using traditional processes and test methods, but also meet the requirements for high-definition display of mobile phones, televisions, and other products. A lot of attention.led tube light

    For the entire LED display industry, the small-pitch LED market has become "the most important point of production consumption." However, this trend will change after the introduction of the MINI LED technology. Looking at the substrate consumption, the MINI LED uses a 100-micron LED crystal. Compared with the traditional small pitch, the substrate consumes only 4% of the latter. This not only saves the cost of the substrate material, but also facilitates the manufacture of more terminal LED display products with a limited LED upstream production capacity, reduces the proportion of upper-stream material costs in the LED display, and solves the problem of the traditional small-pitch LED screen product. "Waste," is to solve the traditional poor pitch display brings poor consistency, screen pixel granular display and many other fatal pain points, and greatly enhance the low-brightness grayscale display.led bulb light

    Due to the product advantages brought by the MINI LED, industry players will use the small-pitch LED products of the MINI LED technology as the "third generation of small-pitch LED" products. In the small pitch LED market share of the first Liad said that there will be willing to launch MINI LED technology products; In addition, at this year's LED Guangzhou show, China Glory has pioneered the introduction of the MINI COB small pitch screen , inquired by a large number of viewers. Small gap leading enterprises in the industry have taken actions one after another, which means that the widespread use of MINI LEDs in the small-pitch market is just around the corner.

    Landing production problems LED screen companies need to work hard

    From the advantages of the above MINI LED for small spacing, it seems that the MINI LED and the small pitch are almost a perfect match. However, if the MINI LED is to be truly grounded, it still needs to overcome many difficulties.led flame bulb

    First of all, from the packaging technology point of view, smaller crystal particles must be combined with chip-level COB packaging technology to achieve its performance advantages, but now the small spacing of COB technology has not achieved large-scale popularity, which is MINI LED The packaging brings a huge problem; secondly, compared with the traditional small-pitch display, the MINI LED is faced with the problem of "gigantic energy transfer", that is, a 6-inch substrate capable of producing 100-micron LED crystals up to 165 Million, how to transfer so many crystals to the driver circuit board according to display requirements is a difficult task for the current stage of technology.led flood light

    In addition, compared with traditional small-gap products using SMD packages, the integration of MINI LED technology and COB packaging as a new technology will inevitably bring about an increase in research and development costs. Therefore, SMD-packaged LED products due to cost advantages It is still the focus of all package manufacturers to expand their production. If the MINI LED cannot control a reasonable price, its market is also difficult to scale. Therefore, how to control costs will become the next direction for LED screen companies to work hard.

    Although the MINI LED still encounters many difficulties in the development of the small-pitch field, it can be seen from the news released by major companies that there are already many A-share companies in the market that are beginning to be deployed in the MINI LED field. Many of them have said that Mass production has been achieved. This is undoubtedly a good sign for the MINI LED. Only with the attention of major companies can we achieve a faster breakthrough in technology. By then, we believe that the small distance will catch the MINI LED's east wind and complete a new transformation.

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