LED Lamp Tube Glass Tube And Aluminum Plastic Tube Good Or Bad Contrast, Glass Lamp Tube Really Cheap?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Are glass LED bulbs really cheap?

For comparison, the aluminum plastic tube led lamp tube, according to the minimum warranty 1 year. (LED Tube Light)

The average is 2.33 yuan per month. (LED Tube Light)

A breakfast or a bottle of water costs less. (LED Tube Light)

The savings in monthly electricity charges cover the cost. (LED Tube Light)

A good bargain. (LED Tube Light)

If it's a cheap glass led lamp. (LED Tube Light)

The warranty lasts for 6 months. We calculate it at the price of 20 yuan. It costs 3.33 yuan per month and we have to change it for half a year. (LED Tube Light)




The technology content of glass led lamp tube is not high, the industry standard is not high, there is no clear quality certification requirement, a large number of low-price and low-quality led glass lamp tube flood the market is indisputable fact, resulting in the glass led lamp tube has been in the low-end market for a long time. (LED Tube Light)

At the same time that the glass lamp tube has received much attention and praise, the doubts raised by the LED industry continue to heat up. (LED Tube Light)

The biggest characteristic of glass lamp tube is its extremely low price, the price also became the place that questioner people censure above all. (LED Tube Light)

Glass led bulbs have no other advantages besides being cheap. (LED Tube Light)

As far as the current situation is concerned, the glass led lamp tube is mainly aimed at the mass consumer market, and people pay more attention to the price for the low quality. (LED Tube Light)

It is precisely because of its positioning that manufacturers blindly pursue price advantages, products are uneven, quality cannot be guaranteed, complaints are numerous. (LED Tube Light)

As a result of vicious competition, the glass led lamp industry is in chaos, there are various quality problems, and the industry positioning is out of order. (LED Tube Light)

As the LED market tends to mature, product positioning is further clarified and industry standards are further standardized. (LED Tube Light)

Quality problems will force solutions.



Users and manufacturers have also accused glass led bulbs of not being bright and brittle, cooling far less quickly than aluminum, and of being difficult to handle in the assembly process. (LED Tube Light)

It is inevitable that light fades quickly and brightness drops rapidly. (LED Tube Light)

So there's no pie in the sky, and it's the users themselves who are unlucky. (LED Tube Light)

You'll keep buying them, and you'll pay several times as much to extend their life. (LED Tube Light)

According to the glass tube technology, all use adhesive technology, when the lamp tube damaged, let alone repair. (LED Tube Light)

Once used, only discarded. (LED Tube Light)

The led lamp of aluminum-plastic tube has good heat dissipation and long life. Even if it is broken, it can be repaired and replaced with the broken parts. It can be used again and again. (LED Tube Light)

Especially used in high demand engineering, aluminum - plastic led lamp tube is preferred. (LED Tube Light)