LED Display Companies Have Been Overweight COB Small Pitch Market, Is About To Lead The Industry's New Trend?
- May 11, 2018 -

   It is not difficult to see from the performance reports released by major LED display companies in 2017 and the introduction of various new products. Small-pitch LED displays are still the darling of the LED display industry and occupy an absolute dominant position in the market. However, after the small-pitch LED display experienced two years of blowouts, homogenization of the products on the market became more serious and the industry began to enter the bottleneck of technological innovation. Recently, the breakthrough in COB packaging technology has injected new vitality into the market for small-pitch LED displays. The major LED screen companies have overclocked the COB small-pitch market, trying to occupy a larger market share and gaining the largest corporate benefits, so it is urgently needed in the industry. In the current period of innovation and reform, can COB packaging technology lead a new storm in small-pitch LED displays?

    Small space applications continue to expand Technology innovation is imminent

    The higher end product users' pursuit of product display quality and the continuous expansion of their application fields are the fuel-burning agents for LED display manufacturers to accelerate the pace of product research and development, and promote the rapid progress of LED display industry. The advent of small-pitch LED displays not only brings users more high-definition and comfortable display results, but also brings technological innovation to the LED display industry at that time. With the popularization of small-pitch LED display technology and the reduction of product cost, more and more manufacturers gradually increase the input of LED displays of large and small pitches. The demand for each application field is also increasing, in addition to “dominating” the traditional In areas such as advertising media and Shang Xian, and with the rapid development of smart cities and safe China, small-pitch LED displays have also taken root in mid-to-high-end applications such as indoor security and conference rooms.

    The constant innovation in the application of small-pitch LED display screens has led to higher requirements for the products. LED display companies have only been able to reduce the distance between lamp beads and have not been able to meet the diversified needs of the terminal market. Only new technologies are available. Constantly updating and upgrading can improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and promote the rapid development of the industry.

    COB display unique charm strong help small pitch products

    The mature use of COB technology has led to a new breakthrough in LED small-pitch display technology. After continuous exploration and research and development, COB packaging technology has finally achieved a breakthrough in all parties and has become the target of the industry's major companies. At the Guangzhou LED Show in 2018, leading companies in the industry, such as Absen and Cathay Pacific, launched the newly developed COB small-pitch display products, which attracted a lot of attention from the industry and became a hot topic in the industry.

    COB packaging technology can be widely welcomed by manufacturers in the application of small-pitch display screen products, and it must have its unique charm. First of all, the COB small-pitch LED technology is conducive to the control of the bad point rate under very small pitch and very large number of lamp beads, and achieves higher reliability of products with less than one-tenth of the bad point rate of the SMD surface-mounting technology; The COB technology using the chip-level packaging process essentially replaces the two-step process of "surface-mounting a package into a lamp bead and a surface-mounting package" directly using a package. As a more simplified engineering method, under the same application scale, especially when faced with “smaller and smaller” pixels, the cost change is more controllable; as the development direction of the future LED display industry, small pitch products The smaller crystal grains are not a proposition to bypass, and to integrate smaller LED crystal grains, it is clear that the COB packaging technology is more suitable than the traditional engineering route of “first lamp bead rear surface mount”. Under the background of falling prices of mainstream surface-mount LED products, COB technology has undoubtedly become a key “quality improvement” development point.

    Fully Breaking Product Limits Leading the Industry to New Trends

    In September 2017, COB, as the development direction of future small-pitch LED display, won the project's “13th Five-Year Plan” key scientific research project—a strategic advanced electronic material—a newly-displayed project. The main task is to break the traditional small-pitch LED. Display technology shortages and limitations. With its own significant advantages, COB has become a priority choice for major companies in the industry. The government's support is to accelerate the pace of COB technology becoming the mainstream of small-pitch LED displays. Of course, even a very good technology cannot be achieved overnight, and it is fully recognized by the market. If its high R&D costs, many manufacturers are daunted and dare not act rashly.

    However, with the popularity of COB technology and smaller pitch surface-mount technology products, small-pitch LED displays have entered the era of MINI-LED crystals, and MINI-LEDs play a key role in COB and P1.0 surface-mount products below. . MINI-LED, COB, and small-pitch technologies combine with each other to form a new generation of MINI COB small-pitch screens. The MINI COB small-pitch screen successfully solves the problem of poor consistency of the common COB small-pitch display. The replacement of the module requires re-correction, and the on-site cannot maintain problems. Compared to the common COB small-pitch display, it successfully overcomes the high process requirements and professionalism. Strong cost, low yield, limited size, etc. After continuous improvement of technology, COB's small-pitch R&D costs will be further reduced. At that time, COB small-pitch products will spread the market and lead the industry in a new trend.

    Technological innovation is a constant topic in the LED display industry. Only by continuously introducing new technologies and new products can we ensure the successful completion of industrial upgrading. The emergence of COB technology, with a small pitch LED products to a higher level, to bring a better user experience for the end market, but we can not predict, there will be how sophisticated technology in the future waiting for the LED display The screen industry will bring surprises to users, let us wait and see!

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