LED Commercial Lighting Has Four Advantages, And The Future Is Promising
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Competition for talent is driving innovation in workplaces, including smart buildings and LED commercial lighting with lighting controls.While LED commercial lighting has only a 13 percent market penetration rate in 2018, the department of energy estimates that leds will account for 86 percent of all lighting products in the United States by 2035.Although adoption rates in commercial space were initially low, one thing is clear: the future of LED commercial lighting will be limitless.Four advantages of LED commercial lighting and its effect on smart buildings will be introduced.1. LED commercial lighting and lighting control create a better experienceModern leds offer design flexibility for more creative lighting solutions, enhancing the experience of smart buildings.LED commercial lighting supports flexible workspace, centered on flexible and efficient working environment.For example, a single space can be used as an open workspace, lounge, or conference room, depending on the time of day.LED with integrated lighting control can also provide enhanced personalization features.Today, more and more employers are offering employees personal remote controls that allow them to customize lighting for their work areas."" anthropogenic lighting" "increases comfort and efficiency by adjusting lighting to correspond to the natural light of the sun throughout the day and supporting the natural circadian rhythm of humans.Flexible lighting design also enables facilities to better serve people of all ages, which is crucial.2. LED networking lighting solution can achieve better space planningConnected lighting solutions in LED commercial lighting can help facility managers and owners understand the way people use the space inside and outside of a building, which helps with space design and planning.3. Intelligent lighting equals to safe lightingIncreased security is probably one of the biggest benefits of LED commercial lighting with lighting control.For example, it could help eliminate "" black spots" "in company parking lots to help protect employees and guests.4. Lighting control can reduce energy cost and reduce energy wasteIn addition, lighting control can help smart buildings meet and far surpass strict regulatory requirements and save operating costs by maximizing energy efficiency.

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