LED Car Headlights Have A Bright Future, And Domestic Enterprises Are Making Efforts To LED Automotive Lighting Market.
- Jun 04, 2018 -

According to the light source classification, the main types of automobile headlights in the market can be divided into four types: halogen lamp, xenon lamp, LED lamp and laser lamp, which have used coal oil lamp, acetylene lamp and incandescent lamp. Since the end of 1990s, LED automobile headlights have been developed since the end of 1990s. Because of their more energy saving and environmental protection and higher brightness, although they have more applications on the high-grade brand models, the low and middle end models have less market and have a broad market prospect.——LED Automobile lighting

According to the data of "2018 LED automotive lighting industry Market Research Report" by OFweek Industry Research Institute, the overall permeability of LED automobile lighting in China is still low at present, but the permeability of LED is increasing year by year. The permeability of automobile lamps and lanterns in different parts is very different from that of LED.——LED Automobile lighting

High position brake light and rear combined tail light LED have the highest permeability. At the same time, because of the functional requirements, heat dissipation and optical difficulty, the permeability is the lowest because of the long and near headlights, fog lights and so on. The LED car lighting far / near light market still has a huge LED penetration space.——LED Automobile lighting

At the same time, in terms of output value, the LED output value market is far greater than the LED market value in the car, and the market ratio of the outside car market will be higher and higher in the future. The main reason is that the market penetration of LED in the car is high, the speed of the price decline is greater than the growth rate, while the LED outside lighting, such as fog lamp, far and near light lamp, is keeping faster. The speed of growth.——LED Automobile lighting

Attracted by the huge automotive lighting market, many domestic LED enterprises are also making efforts to LED automotive lighting market. But at present, in China's automotive lighting supply chain, from devices, to modules, and then to car lights, joint ventures and foreign manufacturers all occupy a large part of the market share, and local manufacturers can really cut into the number of the market. The following is the layout of some enterprises in LED automotive headlights this year.——LED Automobile lighting


OSRAM has three major business sections: photoelectric semiconductor, special lighting, lighting system solutions, auto lighting (special lighting business) is a core business of OSRAM.

In April 2018, OSRAM and the mainland group successfully completed the agreement, and the two sides will officially launch the joint venture Osram Continental GmbH in the second half of 2018. The joint venture's products include LED modules for headlights and taillights. This is another major move for OSRAM to integrate resources in the automotive lighting industry.——LED Automobile lighting

Earlier, OSRAM bought some of its LeddarTech shares in 2017 to enhance its position in the field of automatic driving.——LED Automobile lighting

LG electron

In April 2018, LG electronics purchased Austria automotive lighting company ZKW for 1 trillion and 440 billion won (about 8 billion 548 million yuan). The acquisition has enabled LG's auto lighting business to expand from the main car taillights to all parts of the car, including the headlights, and with the completion of the acquisition, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen will list LG's customer list.——LED Automobile lighting

Development crystal

The development of crystal has successfully entered the LED automotive lighting supply chain this year. It has driven into the LED lamp module terminal by investing in Europe, and has achieved the vertical integration from extension to module. At present, it has been working with two domestic first-line car factories. There are about three car headlights using crystal development products. It is expected to be available in the first half of this year.——LED Automobile lighting

The development crystal indicates that from this year, the key layout of LED car lighting field, the product is mainly located in two aspects, one is the headlight part, the application of the inverted CSP in the headlights of the car is quoted; the two is the successful application of COB to OLED+, which is the market for the rear lamp of the car.

The development crystal mainly engaged in the research, manufacture and sale of LED epitaxial chip, package module and other LED light source products. The business scope covers all industrial chain links of the epitaxial chip, package module and lighting application in the whole industry chain of LED.——LED Automobile lighting

Hongli Zhi Hui

In February 2018, Hongli Zhi Hui signed the "strategic cooperation agreement" with the harmonious hot number Investment Management (Beijing) Limited company, the Zhangjiagang economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Zhangjiagang yuyufeng Golden Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the four parties established the comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship and carried out the project and the capital level around the LED car light industry. Cooperation, integration and utilization of their respective resource advantages, and promote the upgrading of LED car light products. This will speed up the development of car lighting business at the vehicle level LED package, LED lamp module and LED automotive integrated luminaire.——LED Automobile lighting

Hongli Zhihui's main business is LED packaging business. In 2017, LED packaging business revenue amounted to 3 billion 113 million 693 thousand and 500 yuan, accounting for 84.17% of the total revenue. As a pioneer of LED automotive lighting industry, Hongli Zhihui is one of the few manufacturers involved in automobile LED lighting preloading in China. In 2017, its LED car lighting business achieved 262 million 968 thousand and 700 yuan, accounting for 7.11% of the total revenue.——LED Automobile lighting

In 2007, Hongli Zhi Hui entered the LED commercial automobile lighting business through the signal of the subsidiary of the company. The products are mainly sold to the overseas market. The main customers are Hella, BOSCH, Magna and so on. The products have been used in the commercial vehicles of well-known car enterprises such as Volvo and Mercedes. In September 2017, it acquired 56% shares of the friendship and good car lamp that engaged in the supply of car headlight products. It realized the full industrial layout of LED automobile lighting from LED to the headlight assembly, and entered the LED car market in all directions. The main customers include the famous Geely Group, the Great Wall group, Beiqi group, Dongfeng Group, Changfeng Group and so on. Car enterprise.——LED Automobile lighting

Hung lee Chi Hui will continue to increase the development and storage of LED lights, intelligent driving vehicle electronics and other technology, such as ADB LED headlamps, laser headlights and other projects.——LED Automobile lighting

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