Landwins Dual-end High-color LED T8 Lamp, With Strength To Build A Flow Sheet
- Jan 14, 2019 -

In November 2018, Osram, the light source brand of Landwins, launched a dual-end high-color LED T8 lamp tube. As an upgrade of the classic LED T8 lamp tube, it has gained a lot of praise since it went on sale for one month. It also arouses users'keen concern about the safety and health of general-purpose light sources. The promotion of distributors is in full swing. With the deepening of channels, the series of preferential ordering activities for this product should also be extended to after the Spring Festival.

In addition to innovation, we need to have a clear understanding of the market demand. As the main force of replaceable LED light source products, the LED lamp tube is the second largest mainstream general lighting product after the LED bulb lamp. Benefiting from the stability of product quality and the demand gap caused by the replacement of traditional lighting, China, as the world's largest manufacturing base and consumer market of LED lighting products, [1] Data show that China's LED lamps are expected to achieve 21.5% growth in 2018. However, the continuous maturity of LED technology has brought about cost reduction, and the market competition has become white-hot. In the price war, consumers are facing the vicious competition of low price, uneven quality and frequent brand shuffling. Farewell to the era of high-profit LED, the market is more looking forward to quality, to meet consumers'health, energy saving and environmental protection and other value-added high-quality products.

The Osram brand dual-end high-color LED T8 light tube launched by Landwins is a product with large circulation channels, and its cost-effective ratio is remarkable.

Landwins'light source brand OSRAM dual-end high-color LED T8 lamps are widely used in offices, factories, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, warehouses and other places.

The high color rendering of Ra (> 80) improves the color reducibility qualitatively, which makes this dual-end high color LED T8 lamp popular with many retail and enterprise customers since it was listed. Especially in the case of limited budget, this lamp can also create a high-quality light environment with its excellent color rendering. Supermarkets and stores pay special attention to it. After all, colorful goods and light distribution are very important. An appropriate shopping environment is absolutely one of the key factors to attract consumers to the store and stimulate their desire to buy.

Excellent light quality is not only about light efficiency, but also about health. This double-ended high-color LED T8 lamp has no stroboscopic hazard, and has passed IEC62471 photo-biological hazard certification, so that users are far away from the hazard of blue light. In some middle schools and high schools in East China, the double-ended high-color LED T8 lamp has also been used in the renovation of classroom lighting system. Local distributors revealed that nearly half of the orders for products since they went on sale were new. "Good products, together with the popularity of Landwins and Osram, the light source brand, are more impelling in opening up new markets."

From fluorescent lamp to LED lamp, Landwins upholds 100 years of innovative DNA to continuously optimize product performance, and achieves breakthroughs in classical categories, helping domestic LED lighting upgrade to more energy-efficient and healthy lighting. This dual-end high-color LED T8 lamp bears more expectations for health, safety, high performance-price ratio, high quality, high price is the constant demand of consumers for products, and it will also be the trend of future development of LED lighting.

Channel Promotion Activities are in full swing

Channel promotion campaign is up to February 25, all distributors of Landwins can participate in the lucky lottery prizes including Huawei mobile phones, advanced mountain bikes.

Please pay attention to the public number of "LED VANCE Landwins Lighting" Wechat. The results of the lottery will be published in the Wechat tweet in March.