Integration Of Eastern And Western Cultures, Landward Vs. Different Multinational Companies
- Jun 19, 2018 -

At the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou in June 10th, Lund vans had a media meeting on the theme of "different, New Horizons" on the light Asian exhibition, which was the second appearance of Lund vans in Guangya Exhibition. Mr Tan Changlin, the newly appointed Mr. Tan Changlin, led the management team to media reporters and analysts about the latest strategic deployment and development vision of the landvance 2 era.——LED lighting

Strategic change: to serve the local market, from global strategy to transnational strategy

Lund Vance was split from OSRAM, and was successfully purchased by Mu Lin Sen in March 2017 and became a 100% holding company of the wood.——LED lighting

Lund Vance Chief Marketing Officer Erol Kirilmaz

In the past two years, Erol Kirilmaz, the chief marketing officer, said the two years were the most exciting time since he joined SIEMENS (OSRAM's parent company) for 27 years. It was too stable in the past, the German companies were stable, the lighting industry was stable, but it became boring. But after the split from OSRAM, the entire business sector has become more free, and the lighting has become an exciting industry, and so Reol is full of confidence in the future of the company.——LED lighting

In the past, in the OSRAM system, the overall business strategy was a global strategy, developed at the German headquarters, produced in the world's own factories or plants, and distributed to more than 140 countries around the world. In the traditional lighting era, the strategic layout of globalization brings OSRAM a strong competitive advantage.——LED lighting

Mr. Tan Changlin, Mr. Tan Changlin

However, in the era of LED lighting, everything has changed. Mr. Tan Changlin summed up the three characteristics of the LED lighting era:

1 unreasonableness: as the function / added value of the LED product rises rapidly, the price of the LED product continues to fall, contrary to the logic that the better the quality of the traditional lighting product is, the better the price is.

2 the crux of competition: thousands of new competitors have emerged, fierce competition has made profits difficult, and many companies have gone bankrupt.

3 dynamic: the life cycle of the product is getting shorter and shorter. The relevant laws and regulations make the traditional lighting exit the market. LED products should adapt to different application scenarios and customer differences.——LED lighting

The response ability of globalization strategy to different regional markets is becoming more and more difficult to adapt, and the strategy of R & D in Germany is no longer the best method of cost.

Therefore, the strategic adjustment of landvance is imperative.

Dr. Tan put forward the five strategic pillars of Lund Vance

1 Leadership: give the regional team more authority and freedom of operation to meet the needs of various customers and markets.

2 business expansion: use market pull and technology thrust to develop new products to meet market demand at different stages.

3 research and development: enhance R & D centers in China, Germany and the United States, and R & D centers are responsible for different key areas of technology.

4 excellent supply chain: achieving competitive advantage brought by scale economy through perfect synergy and central control of supply chain management.

5 manufacturing, processing and purchasing: factories in Europe and the United States specializes in high-end products, and the products in circulation are made in China.——LED lighting

Under the new strategic guidance, landvance pays more attention to the layout of China. The Great Bay area of the Pearl River Delta, known as "Silicon Valley of China", has become the site of the world's most important R & D center and the largest manufacturing base in the world. The Chinese market will also become a regional market which is more valued by the landvance, and the Shenzhen R & D center can make better product design and demand response for the Chinese lighting market.——LED lighting

Cultural integration: integrating East West culture and building landward's core competitiveness

Before joining Lund Vance, he was a German company.

Mr. REOL Kirilmaz, for example, describes the relationship between SIEMENS, OSRAM and landvance, just like Grandma, mom and a young man. German companies have a strict side, but they are as slow as grandma when facing a rapidly changing market.——LED lighting

Asian companies have quick adaptability and strong initiative. After joining Lund Vance, SIEMENS inherited the experience of grandmothers, but also became more energetic and better adapted to change.

As for the two completely heterogeneous organizational cultural integration of the outside concern of Lund Vance and shareholders, Dr. CEO Tan Changlin said that his entry was to solve the problem. At present, he has entered the 2 version, the most difficult stage has passed, and the moving stones have been moved away.——LED lighting

Dr. Tan said after joining landward Vance, he adjusted the organizational structure of the company to promote the integration and synergy between the two cultures of East and West. Today's landvance integrates the strengths of the East and the west to form a unique core competitiveness:

On the one hand, Lund Vance is a long history global lighting company, covering 140 countries and regions around the world, with more than 100 years of experience in lighting industry, and has strong R & D ability and famous product brand as well as distribution channels and customer reputation.——LED lighting

On the other hand, landvance is integrated into more Asian lighting enterprises, based on the world's most important region of LED lighting industry, relying on the strong manufacturing capability of China, integrating the strong LED technology and rich electronic technology knowledge of the Asian market, and better serving the more open Chinese market by Yu Yue and through the Chinese market. In the The Belt and Road plan global radiation.——LED lighting