In The First Half Of The Year, The Revenue Of Longda Decreased By 8.82% And The MiniLED Shipped A Small Quantity In The Second Half Of The Year.
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Platform LED vertical integration plant Longda yesterday (5) yesterday (5) announced June combined revenue of new Taiwan dollar 909 million yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same below), the monthly decrease of 15.8%, the annual decrease of 10.7%; the second quarter combined revenue of 2 billion 980 million yuan, the quarterly increase 12.6%, the annual decrease of 1.7%; the first 6 months of the cumulative revenue 5 billion 630 million yuan, the annual decrease 8.82%.——MiniLED

Longda said that the second quarter backlight industry is actively sprinting Mini LED (sub millimeter light emitting diode) technology. At present, the product sample is expected to start small volume in the second half of the year. In the new application field, the wearable device has already been bloted, entering the world's top 5 major sports hand rings and stabilizing shipments.——MiniLED

In addition, due to the growing consumer monitoring market, Longda IR (infrared) products are shipped monthly and used in the United States frontline brand of smart doorbell; UV (ultraviolet) grain and packaging products also continue to ship, used in nail and printing curing.——MiniLED

Looking forward to the future, Longda chairman Su Fengzheng said that this year will continue to reduce the proportion of lighting, looking forward to convergence to about 3 percent, and the new factory in Chuzhou, Anhui, third after the volume of postpartum, the new factory will be expected to appear at the end of the year, to help improve the performance of the gross interest rate.——MiniLED

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