In 2018, The Demand For Filament Lamps In The U.S. Market Has Surged Into The Field Of Filament Lamps.
- Apr 26, 2018 -

    In recent years, the global lighting market competition is increasingly fierce, product differentiation becomes the inevitable direction.

    As banned the sale of incandescent light, and LED lamp filament standardization production specifications increase in recent years, the number of lamps and lanterns lighting products, LED lamp filament as a result of its traditional incandescent lamp modelling light and whole Angle, high color rendering, high photosynthetic efficiency, etc, has attracted much attention in recent years.

    LED the filament lamp

    The LED filament lamp market will continue to grow rapidly.

    In 2015, according to data, filament lamp global sales of more than 70 million, 2016, global sales of more than 200 million, filament lamp filament LED lamp market in 2017 total capacity of 4-500 million, by 2020 the global LED lamp filament market will continue to maintain rapid growth momentum.

Import trade, according to data from January 2017 - December, LED lamp filament of total exports reached $38.13 million, including the European market for LED lamp filament accepted products, export volume ranks the first, as much as $22.27 million, accounting for more than 58.


    The second is North America 29.

    44 percent, Asia 6.

    05%, Latin America 4.

    60%, Oceania 1.

    Twenty-four percent, Africa zero.


    The European Union plans to eliminate halogen lamps by 2018, driving the demand for LED filament lamps in the European market between 2016 and 2017.

    Demand for LED filament lamps in the us is expected to soar in 2018 as users start replacing halogen lamps, which will be phased out in 2020.

    Domestic manufacturer filament lamp field fierce competition.

    Due to the further decline of cost, LED filament lamp has become the choice direction of many manufacturers.

In addition to philips, osram, crystal, wood Tomlinson, a consortium of domestic sunshine lighting, foshan lighting, Shanghai yaming, pu ears, hon optoelec, stars sulincy and LED lighting factory or packaging companies are to move into a filament lamp field and add a lot.

In this year's Frankfurt lighting show, osram optoelectronics also demonstrated LED filament lamp products using the DURIS fizzy Portfolio chip.

    The filament lamp drives the power.

    LED filament lamp has been growing in continuous technological innovation since its birth, and expanded in the continuous improvement of automatic production process equipment.

    Today, both the filament and the power supply chip technology are in urgent need of revolutionary innovation.

Shenzhen dark energy is one of the largest manufacturers of small and medium power supply in the world, with strong production and supply capacity.

The products include LED bulb lamp power supply, fluorescent lamp power supply, panel lamp power supply, all kinds of external power supply and intelligent dimming power supply and other kinds of products.

    Its product AI makes et-ap series, which is suitable for filament lamp, ball bulb lamp, PAR lamp, spotlamp and tube lamp.

    "The ET series power supply follows the principle of 'road to simplicity', but it is not ambiguous in terms of performance and function.

    The new products have high frequency, high polymer, high density, high integration and other characteristics.

    At present, the filament lamp is given priority to with small power, this is also the main reason that filament lamp is used as lamp illuminant.

With filament lamp technology constantly breakthroughs, mechanized scale production continues to reduce overall costs, as the more powerful the filament lamp products, combined with the ordinary users growing understanding for filament lamp, filament lamp or future will be more widespread as an independent source applies in the middle of the main lighting, for enterprises and dealers are huge opportunity not to be missed.