How To Clean All Kinds Of Lamps And Lanterns In The Home Correctly?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

What harm does not clean lamps and lanterns for a long time have?

1. Influence on beauty

  This is the most basic harm, gold is also afraid of dust.

2. Security risks

  Do not clean for a long time, because metal parts aging, there is a certain safety hidden danger.

3. Visual impairment

  Do not clean for a long time, the light that lamp ACTS the role of can be darker, often be in dim lamplight below can cause a person mental state not beautiful.

According to the survey, the brightness of the lights will decrease by 30% if the dust is not cleaned within a year.

4. Shorten life

  Do not clean lamps and lanterns for a long time, can make lamps and lanterns surface is covered with dust, on heat dissipation and luminous effect can be greatly reduced, make lamps and lanterns life is shortened.

Cleaning skill of all kinds of lamps and lanterns

  Above all, the principle that lamps and lanterns cleans is can not tear apart, do not tear apart as far as possible!

  Because you might have a few more parts after cleaning.

1. Ceiling lamp & chandelier

  Ceiling lamp and droplight are hung in the height, disassemble not convenient, and chimney, bulb is broken easily again, usable light color cotton socks or double deck bath towel turn over to cover in the hand, wipe gently.

  If the lamp is dirty, you can pour a bit of kitchen detergent on the cotton socks and wipe it with clean old socks.

  Two people should cooperate to clean the lamps on high places, pay attention to safety.

Floor lamp

  The dirt on the base of floor lamp, usable soft cloth dips in detergent to clean chimney, can pour special scour on dishcloth first, wipe the place that changes dishcloth next.

3, desk lamp

  Wipe off the dust on the surface of the base, and then pour the liquid detergent for metal products containing abrasives onto the soft cloth.

4, shoot the light,

  The lamps and lanterns that compare height, need to clean base, the tool that should use handy when upside is wiped, the cotton socks of light color or double deck scrubbing towel turns over to cover in the hand, can wipe very convenient.

  Pay attention to power off, wipe with dry cloth as far as possible, if need water, detergent and other liquids to clean, as far as possible will wring the cloth to 90 percent dry, after cleaning the lamps and lanterns pay attention not to leave liquid.

  Cleaning techniques for various lampshades

  A lot of families can choose to cover lamp chimney to lamps and lanterns, first moistureproof and dustproof, second come beautiful and generous.

  And different lampshade also has corresponding cleaning method.

  Plastic and metal lampshade cleaning:

(1) apply all-purpose detergent to wipe dirt with a wrung cloth.

(2) wipe off the remaining detergent ingredients with a wrung cloth.

(3) finally, wipe it carefully with a dry clean cloth.

  Acrylic lampshade cleaning:

(1) gently dust off with soft cloth such as flannel.

(2) after that, wipe it carefully with a dry clean cloth.

  Cloth and paper lampshade cleaning:

(1) firstly, avoid electrostatic dusters to remove dust.

(2) after that, wipe the dirt with a dry cloth.

(3) for the subtle parts of the handicrafts, small items such as writing brush are used to remove the dirt that cannot be easily removed.

  Encounter this kind of lamp shade that produces static electricity easily, here has a small skill: pour vinegar of the edible vinegar of the cap of about a beer bottle into half basin water to mix evenly, will dishcloth soak in it, wring dry after wiping lamps and lanterns.

  Such, the lamps and lanterns that wipe come out not only bright, still won't rise electrostatic, not easy to touch dirt.

  Cleaning techniques for switches, sockets and lampshades:

  The light switch left hand imprint mark, with eraser, can be clean as new.

  If the socket is contaminated with dirt, you can first remove the power supply and then wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in a little detergent.

  When cleaning the corrugated cloth lampshade, use a soft brush with a soft hair tip as a tool, not easy to hurt the lampshade.

  Clean lamp shade made of propylene, can put on scour, wash with water next scour, then wipe dry.

  Ordinary bulbs can be wiped with salt water.

  LED usage rules and maintenance methods

  It is the best remedy to prevent from happening in the future, to know some basic lamps and lanterns to use common sense, to lamps and lanterns later maintenance and life time will save a lot of attention.

1. After buying the lamps and lanterns, don't be busy installing them first. Please read the installation instructions carefully and follow the installation instructions.

2. During the cleaning and maintenance, do not change the structure of the lamp, nor change the parts of the lamp at will. After maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, and do not install the parts of the lamp by mistake or leakage.

3, avoid frequent switch when use the lamps and lanterns, although the number of leds switch resistance is common fluorescent lamp of about 18 times, but still too frequently will influence electronic components inside the LED lamp life, thus affecting the service life of lamps and lanterns.

4. In particular, except for special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should be avoided in humid environment.

The humidity environment will affect the electronic components of LED lamp driving power supply. The electronic components will be damped and the lamp life will be shortened.

Therefore, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, the leds of the bathroom and the kitchen stove headlights, all want to install the dampproof lampshades, in order to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

5. Finally, the LED lamp had better not be cleaned with water, as long as it can be wiped with dry cloth dipped in water. If you are not careful, try to dry the LED lamp.

  Matters needing attention

1. Ordinary LED lights cannot be used in the circuits of dimmer lamps, delay switches and induction switches.

2. Avoid using in high temperature and high humidity environment.

3. The inside of LED lamps is mainly driven by power supply. It is recommended that non-professionals do not load, unload and assemble themselves to avoid electric shock and other risks.

4, LED lighting lamps and lanterns is in commonly the environment temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ under the condition of use.

5. The metal part of LED lighting lamps should not use chemical agents such as polishing powder at will.

6. Dust behind LED lighting lamps should be cleaned with dry cloth or duster.

7. Avoid frequent switching, so as to avoid extra burden on the lamps and lanterns.

A lot of people's family is used in the process of lamps and lanterns often neglect to maintain this link, the lamps and lanterns of a lot of people use a method is to buy -- install -- use -- damage -- discard.

  But as long as pay attention to the daily routine cleaning and ensure the normal use method, we got a lot of lamps and lanterns can actually "alive", in other words, you may have saved a lot of "light".