How Long Will It Take For Undriven Technology To Become Widespread?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

It will be some time before foreign acceptance is high and domestic popularity is high


Undriven technology first emerged in foreign countries. After years of promotion and market certification, AC LED products have been widely used in foreign markets. (LED IC Design)

In the domestic market, AC LED products are still relatively few. (LED IC Design)


"The main distribution channels of AC leds in China are still for high-end consumers, and they are distributed in a small range. There are hardly any AC LED products in the three or four domestic markets," Chen said. (LED IC Design)

The main reason is that the price is quite high, and consumers don't know enough about LED.

In addition, dealers and agents do not know much about AC LED, will not spend a lot of effort or even push this new product.


Ruan Yang also expressed the same view, saying: "the finished lamps using AC LED are mainly aimed at high-end consumers, who have higher requirements on the appearance of lamps. (LED IC Design)

For light fixtures that don't require much in the way of appearance, manufacturers will still use conventional power sources.


Fan Zhi open also think overseas for the acceptance of the AC LED is higher than domestic, he said: "ZhuoNai tome, for example, at present our AC LED within 30 w all can achieve mass production, 60 w AC LED if there is demand can also be used for mass production.

Moreover, from October to December 31 last year, we sold more than 1200 samples alone. (LED IC Design)

Therefore, in general, many application enterprises are willing to try AC LED.

Domestic customers are wary of the new product because it is not segregated, and many are worried about safety and the like.

In foreign countries, such as southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Russia and Europe, the acceptance and recognition of AC LED are relatively high. (LED IC Design)


"Any new product will go through the use of high-end customers first, because they dare to try it first and it is easier to accept new technology products." (LED IC Design)

"Said wang.


AC leds will be popular for another 3-5 years


Global first-line brand promotion helps to achieve fast implementation


AC LED in the convenience of household electricity, don't need like DC LED need another pack a AC to DC converters, not only save the cost of the converter, also avoid the LED light source itself is not bad, but the converter is broken first.

Ac/dc converter is a kind of over time will be aging, broken electronic components, its life is shorter than the LED light source itself, therefore, at present a lot of LED lamps and lanterns is broken, all because of ac/dc converter is broken first.

AC LED and a characteristic, is the process of the staggered matrix arrangement, is take turns to light, in 60 hz AC frequency 60 times per second rotation light, also let AC LED a DC LED long service life.


"Although AC LED has not become the mainstream in the market, I believe AC LED will certainly shine in the market, maybe within these 3-5 years."

"Said fan.

Wang also believes that AC LED will become the mainstream technology in the second half of 2015 or the first half of 2016.


In the interview, the author found that both lighting enterprises and application enterprises believe that AC LED will become the mainstream of the market in the future. (LED IC Design)

However, AC LED still needs to overcome some difficulties. (LED IC Design)

AC LED has two disadvantages, one is no DC LED luminous efficiency is high, this is because the DC LED development which is the mainstream, AC LED a fledgling, AC LED luminous efficiency is can catch up with and even greater than that of the DC LED.

Second, AC LED is at risk of electric shock. (LED IC Design)

Therefore, AC LED to applications in the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, should avoid to bare metal fins, and should be indirectly to tropical, this also is the development of new liquid LED solid-state lighting lamps and lanterns is the design of the core concepts.


AC LED chips just enter, in such aspects as luminous brightness, power is not enough ideal, but the application of AC LED is simple, no need for variable voltage converter and constant current source, already showed strong vitality, and low cost, high efficiency.

The technology of AC LED is developing rapidly. Within a few years, high-brightness, high-power and low-cost products will be widely available.


Fan zhikai also said that the main reason why AC LED is not popular in the market now is that the manufacturers do not have enough recognition, and there is no big brand promotion of this technology, which needs to be strengthened in terms of publicity.

If it is promoted by a global brand, AC LED will become popular at a faster speed.

At the same time, as a manufacturer of AC LED, most of them are now facing production capacity problems.

In addition, AC LED has high requirements for lamp beads, so it needs to be strengthened in the packaging and manufacturing of high-voltage lamp beads in the future.


Wang junhua said: "the popular obstacle of AC LED is still the concept and price. When customers have high recognition of this technology and product, its popularity will not be far away.

Add to that the cost of standardizing and quantifying production, and the price will naturally fall.


What are the price trends for undriven technology?


At present, the price advantage of AC LED is not obvious


It is expected to be sold at low prices


According to Fan Zhi open, current AC LED has been basically realize automatic production, which USES high pressure SMT machine and reflow furnace can be mass production, not only save the cost, improve the production efficiency, and the consistency of products produced is very high.

"A production line like drap can produce 36,000 AC leds a day."

"Said fan.

Although AC LED production is automated and costs are reduced, its price is not superior to that of conventional drive power.


At present, the driving power of 3W is about 4-5 yuan, 12-15w is about 13-14 yuan, 20W is about 18 yuan, and AC LED is generally higher than this price.

According to the use of Seoul semiconductor AC LED products McGonagall LanSun Jiang Jieshao: "Seoul semiconductor r&d and production as the first AC LED manufacturers, its quality is guaranteed, but the product price is not cheap, its 4 w AC LED is 28 yuan, 20 w product is 80 yuan, that is to say, compared with using normal drive power supply, the price is about 5 times of ordinary products.

The reason for the high price is that the market demand is small and it is difficult to achieve mass circulation.


Li also proposed the same view: "AC LED manufacturer upfront investment is large, and the use of the application of the enterprise is not a lot of this product, this leads to the order quantity is not high, so its product prices are generally on the high side.

However, I think this technology should be a big trend in the market. When it becomes mainstream and forms a large circulation in the market, its price advantage will increase greatly.

And, because of its small number of accessories and high technology, it will also be of great help to market planning in the later period.


Wang Junhua also said: "AC LED current prices are still high, mainly used in high-grade products, but in the realization of mass production, is expected to reduce the cost, the price will and to adjust accordingly."