Group Innovation: Mini LED Potential Unlimited, OLED Or Will Be Out Of The Field
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Group of optoelectronics Ding Jinglong executive vice general manager yesterday (20) said in a press conference after the meeting of shareholders, 10 years of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) panels may be exits, Mini light emitting diode (Mini LED panel is a factory.

Ding Jinglong said, as the plasma TV (PDP) red moment, later, or exit the market, because of the OLED panel does not conform to the optical principle, may also exit in 10 years, especially the OLED TV with this kind of medium size OLED panel, will bear the brunt.

As for South Korea's samsung mobile phones selling with OLED panel, he thinks, mobile OLED panel are tamper, in a short period of time is not exit pressure, but OLED TV panel prices too expensive, is expected to be lower cost and better quality of Mini LED panel to replace.

Innolux, he stressed, is the world's first to make the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) driven Mini organic light emitting diode (Mini LED panel manufacturers, not only the quality is better than that of OLED panel, manufacturing costs are lower than OLED panel, so have the confidence can replace the OLED panel market position.

He explained that qunchuang sparked heated discussions and became a trend after shareholders first revealed the term Mini LED last year.

However, the industry so-called Mini LED, the driver circuit board does not contain TFT-LCD;

From the beginning of making the decision to make Mini LED, group creators decided to use tft-lcd as the driving circuit to realize the Active Matrix mode, so as to truly maximize the potential of Mini LED.

Innolux zhi-chao wang chairman said today, although the Korean factory OLED panel technology leader, but the mainland panel factory also has a large number of input OLED panel by building a new factory, will let Korea factory in OLED panel market ahead of competitive pressure.

Zhi-chao wang said that Taiwan panel factory don't step out, can only live 3, 5 years, in the face of Korea factory samsung panel factory cooperation, boe with mainland China, Taiwan factory must step out of to cooperate with sharp, inside the hon hai group cooperation strategy;

As a matter of fact, facing the competition from the mainland factories, the Korean factories also have the pressure to go out, which will open the opportunity for cooperation between the two sides.

Innolux believes that although the second half of this year the whole panel supply exceeds demand, but the large size of panel, group of 40, 50 and the lock is out of stock, 58, 65 - inch panels, as well as small and medium-sized panels, there are still higher prices.

(Source: united news)