Giant Cross-border LED Lighting Industry, Is It A Mess Or A Subversion?
- May 12, 2018 -

2018, transboundary change. Nowadays, the cross boundary is prevalent in various fields. The LED industry with the "sunrise industry" ring has been a popular choice for the transformation of the traditional industry. In addition, the gradual warming of the LED lighting market has made many "outsiders" flocking to the city. The LED industry is like a besieged city, and the enterprises outside the city have a capricious "break", a share of the LED market, and the enterprises in the city are uneasy to keep their own land.

The industry has always been a straddle, but it is a difficult problem for us to think about how to make itself a place in the lighting industry, promote the cooperation and win-win of the industry and make the lighting industry achieve a qualitative leap. At the same time, what are the new developments in the lighting module technology? What are the innovations and applications of the key lighting materials? Is the giant cross-border LED lighting industry agitate or subvert? Will cross-border change lead to industrial ecological changes? These questions, perhaps, you can find the answer from the 2018 Aladdin forum.

As the largest lighting exhibition in the world, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has witnessed the technological innovation and change of the lighting industry. The theme of "2018 Aladdin forum" held in the same period with the exhibition is "lighting - cross boundary change", not only to gather the elite of the lighting industry, but also to other top experts in such industries as automobile, agriculture, and characteristic landscape to look back on the history of lighting development together and discuss the development trend of the lighting industry and the prospect of cross-border cooperation. .

The forum will outline the future lighting blueprint, direct the LED change and evolution in the era of the Internet of things, and show the new activity and play of the interconnected era, which is not only limited to lighting enterprises, but also about the common sense and symbiosis of lighting design.

Leaders of various industries, here are you.

Industry forum, focusing on the power of leaders. In every industry area, some people are leading, surpassing, and affecting the development of industry. What can be called a leader is not just what he has achieved, but not just how great the person's wealth and influence is. One must attach the option of what value he has created for the industry he is in.

On the other hand, the top entrepreneurs in various fields, after the establishment of a strong position in the industry, also think over the business itself, in a broader and more forward-looking manner, actively affecting others and promoting the progress of the industry.

With the development of the situation, the 2018 Aladdin Lighting Forum will focus on technological change and industrial cross-border cooperation. More than 40 professional leaders and pioneers of LED industry leaders escorted the forum, and many industry leaders made a presentation, delivered a keynote speech or participated in technical discussions, and shared and discussed the latest developments and trends in the LED industry. We also invite business giants such as HUAWEI, PHILPS, Wanda and other senior experts to analyze the specific situation and future development trend of cross-border cooperation with the LED industry.

We expect more than 100 leading companies from all walks of life to attend. At that time, CEO, CTO and other elites will gather together to make in-depth analysis and Research on the change of lighting industry and the prospect of cross border development. Ideological confrontation, wisdom and glittering, a feast will soon be opened, and will bring the most fresh and cutting-edge industrial development status.

A number of industries, first-hand information and views, here for you first.

The Aladdin industry research white paper, which is the first one of our first pound, is launched by the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and the Aladdin whole media, hand in hand with the industry senior experts and enterprise representatives. It aims at automobile lighting and application, plant lighting and agricultural development, urban lighting and characteristic landscape, intelligent lighting and the Internet of things, technology and lighting. The development of module / component technology, innovation and application of key lighting materials, driving control system and solution, light source device technology and marketing, such as demand side, owner, industry representative, a large number of first-line data research and famous big factory visit, deeply understand the market demand of the eight LED lighting industry. Technical layout and industrial scale and so on.

With a wide and deep survey covering the relevant behavior and demand changes in all aspects of the eight major lighting fields, the relevant lighting industry is carried out a full range of checks, and then the future development of the industry is made to make a scientific trend prediction and data analysis, from which the future development opportunities and industrial States of the lighting industry are observed. Potential. On the occasion of the industrial transformation and development, with the strength of the industry in various fields, the challenges and opportunities faced by LED lighting are discussed, and industrial cooperation and healthy development are promoted. At the same time, a more intelligent and rational view is provided for the development of enterprises and a more strategic development idea. A lot of dry goods will make you grasp the development trend of the whole lighting industry.

The development of science and technology is changing rapidly. If the spiral spring of LED develops, it will release enormous energy and the future can be expected. With so many topics to share, if you can get the money in your pocket, I believe you will gain a lot. On June 9th -12, the 2018 Aladdin forum and the Guangzhou international lighting exhibition were held in the same time to witness the wonderful future of industry's cross boundary cooperation and innovation.