From The OSRAM Conference To See The Next Round Of Competition Focus Of LED Chip Enterprises
- May 21, 2018 -

The more companies that OSRAM knows, the more they revere.

When you are still appreciating his headlamp LED, he has already launched a laser. When he exclaims for the laser headlights, he has been riding the dust and drunting the driverless LiDAR. On technology foresight, apart from OSRAM, you have no choice.——OSRAM Conference

In such a summit, nine out of ten competitors are competitors, peripheral suppliers, industry researchers and so on. Big Europe treats the buffet meals of five star hotels equally. Pure good engineers show sincerity in Europe, so no one can send a bright top secret. On the open mind, OSRAM is really different from others.

The opponent in OSRAM's mind is the mysterious and closed universe first big factory, but the mantis catches the cicada. When we say that the UX3 chip is proud of Europe, we can not know when we can set the specifications for mass production. Forbearance and low-key is Sanan character, revenue doubled 20 billion, or the LED chip business department of Sanming Iron and steel factory in Anxi.——OSRAM Conference

However, in the first quarter of the financial report, 2 billion of the inventory was sold for nearly two months. The industry cycle is not shifted by people's will. At the beginning of last year, LED chips were out of stock, and the huge expansion of production couldn't stop. The diligent index of the sales of the three security companies has been on the upswing, and the price war is rising.

San an is playing the price war, reducing the net profit of 30%, clearing up the stock, rolling the second line three line with net profit less than 15% or even 10%, as well as the friends of the other side of the Straits, further expanding the market share. In silence, he was once equal to San an. However, he repeatedly miscalculated that he had misfortune and misfortune, and the product line was also very worried about de Hao, who had a serious coincidence with his rival.——OSRAM Conference

In the car component conference, OSRAM shows a list of ten major automotive electronics companies, the only optoelectronic company that has entered the world, ranking tenth in the ranking. The top 9 are semiconductor companies such as NXP, Infinion, ST and so on. It can be seen that the volume of semiconductor industry in LED industry is less than eleven.

Sentimental for practitioners of the past and future, LED regrets that it is not worth it. No wonder the poetry and distance of San an are not in Luling road in Siming District, but thirty minutes in Fuzhou Xiamen railway to the northeast of Quanzhou. About 30000000000 of the investment is still surnamed San an, the name has changed from photoelectric to semiconductor.——OSRAM Conference

Many years ago, the optoelectronic engineering team of the East Bank of the three an optoelectronic dug Straits has moved the industrial gas of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and laid the industrial pattern of today. Is San an semiconductor coming out again? Will the stable semiconductor of the opposite shore be the next crystal electricity? In the age of 5G, will Lin's family go out of the industrial myth?——OSRAM Conference