Evaluation Of ALP-01 Lighting Passport Products
- Apr 08, 2018 -

   The illuminated passport is a small, lightweight spectrometer that can be transmitted through the blue bud transmission through the blue bud transmission through the APP and the smart phone and the tablet computer.

    The spectrum wizard series APP developed by swarm intelligence can not only control lighting passports, but also transform measured data into graphics.

    It should be reminded that lighting passports should be used with smart phones or tablet computers. This is actually a huge advantage because it doesn't display the screen, so its appearance is small and lightweight, and you don't have to pay for data computing and display screen, because these functions are already included in smart phones and tablet computers.

Appearance / shape

The size of the passport for lighting:

Width: 68.5 mm

Thickness: 17 mm

Height: 56 mm

Weight: 79 G + 1 g

    Because you need to connect your cell phone with lighting passports, sometimes you need to measure with your hands. So some people may feel very troublesome. The lighting passport can be equipped with a special fixture, which combines lighting passport with mobile phone, or the lighting passport is fixed on the fixed point with the professional erect tool.

    So installing it in places where people are not easy to reach or using long rod connection to test ceiling lighting is not a problem.

    This is not available for other spectrometers in the market, because they need to press the button of the spectrometer itself to measure.


    The lighting passport is charged through USB, and it can still be used when charging.

User experience

    Lighting passport and APP are very easy to use. The interface is intuitive and full of characteristics. Only a few steps can be done to get a lot of measurement information.

    The advantage of the APP link is to easily update, upgrade, and add new features, in which the measurement results of the spectral wizard action version of Plus can be directly synchronized to the spectral elf cloud platform, so it can also be viewed on the computer.

    In addition to sharing records through Email and communication software, Plus can also share links through a spectral elf cloud platform without installing any software to read information on a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

Operating interface

Operation interface and menu

    The use of lighting passports is very simple. After opening APP, we can get the results of graphics and text after clicking.

    All the measurement results will be stored in the record folder. You can use the search function to search for the name of the file and find the record you want.

Start / dark correction

    The lighting passport needs a few seconds to connect with the device. After the completion of the connection, it will automatically dark correction, and do not need to do other actions to make dark correction.

Measurement parameters

    Before you measure the spectrum elf action version Plus, you first need to check the parameters you want to get. After measurement, unless the result of the exit is reentered, it cannot be increased or reduced.


    If you need it, you can deduct the background light before measuring, so as not to affect the measurement result. After measuring, it usually takes only a few seconds to get results.

Results: data and charts

     After a few seconds of measuring, you can get rich data and charts. It contains spectrogram, CRI (R1-R15), TM-30-15 and CIE1931.