Detailed Classroom LED Lighting Design
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Classroom lighting design practical tips: for example, common classroom sizes: 10m by 8m by 3m by 3m:

Lighting proposal:

1. Use light source: 2 x 28W, T5 fluorescent lamp, color temperature: 4000K

2. Desk lamp: grille lamp, cover bracket

3. Special blackboard lamp: light source of T5 fluorescent lamp, 0.6m away from the wall, continuous arrangement with the blackboard.

4. Spacing of lamps: about 2.8 ~ 3 meters

5. Direction of arrangement: along the line of sight

6. Control switch: independent control by a row of Windows;

Independent control of front lighting;

The blackboard lights are controlled in two halves

This is how the lighting works:

The analysis process:

1, the light source

Why only select the T5 fluorescent lamp instead of the current hot LED light source?

1) the LED light source available on the market at present has the same luminous effect as the T5 fluorescent lamp. Therefore, this method is also suitable for LED lamps.

2) inferior LED lights there may be damage to the eyes, especially teenagers often use light to read, write, eyes light dependence is very strong, do not use those who do not know whether safe inferior low-cost leds, we done the test, high and low prices with the power of LED lamp, brightness, color stroboscopic etc is two concepts completely.

In particular, the flash of inferior LED lights is the most harmful to the eyes of teenagers when they are reading or writing. Although the naked eye cannot see it, the damage to the eyes is indeed large.

3) similarly, why choose 4000K color temperature instead of the most common 6400K on the market?

It's also about eye protection for teenagers.

2, lamps and lanterns

What is grille lamp, cover bracket, special blackboard lamp?

See figure:

Graph: this is embedded grille lamp, apply to the smallpox that has condole top.

Graph: this is bright outfit or suspension type grille lamp, apply to the smallpox that does not have condole top.

If have money, still can use the lamps and lanterns of half indirect lighting, the effect is better tall go up!

Please return to the top and look at the picture of the head, which is the lighting effect of semi-indirect lighting.

Graph: this is to take cover bracket, apply to the smallpox that does not have condole top likewise.

Figure: this is a special blackboard light, you can adjust the irradiation direction.

It is recommended to be 0.3~ 0.6m away from the wall.

3. Lamp spacing

Why is the spacing 2.8m-3m fixed?

Because this space USES the T5 fluorescent lamp of 2x28W, illuminance is about 300~350 lx, the 300 lx that accords with national standard to the classroom requirement.

We used the tall DIALux evo software to simulate this spacing lighting situation:

Figure: DIALux evo simulation effect, lighting power density value 9W/m2, meeting the requirements of national standards.

4. Layout direction

Why along the line of sight?

The main problem is to consider the problem of glare, such layout of glare is small.

5. Control switch

Q: why does a row of Windows need independent control?

Answer: the daytime attends class, can turn off the light that leans on a window, make full use of natural light, save energy!

Q: why does the front lighting need independent control?

Answer: now the classroom all match the projector, when the projection, want to turn off the lamp in the front row, ability see clearly.

Q: why are the blackboard lights divided into two halves?

A: the same projector!

Normally, the projection screen will be placed on one side, leaving the other side to write chalk for the teacher.

Just turn on the half light.