Deep Excavation Of The Seven LED Manufacturers, Such As Wood, Etc.
- May 09, 2018 -

In May, the first quarter report of the LED industry has been basically disclosed. According to the statistics of the performance of several major medium range packaging manufacturers in China, it has been found that the performance of the first quarter of the major middle reaches of the industry, including Mun Lin Sen, Guo Xing optoelectronic, Ruifeng optoelectronic, Hongli Zhi Hui, poly fly optoelectronic, Wan run technology and the Chang Fang Group, has a great overall performance, with the exception of the main factors. The contents mentioned in the family financial journal can also be further traced to the recent developments in various fields.

Since 2017, the demand for the LED lighting market has increased steadily, the concentration of the industry has been further improved, and the actions of the major packaging manufacturers have continued to expand production, acquisition and acquisition, and the layout of emerging markets, which not only boosted the growth of the business, but also made the industry see the potential and prospects of the middle reaches of the market.

Among the seven listed companies, Mu Linsen, Wan run technology, Hongli Zhihui, Guixing optoelectronic and poly fly optoelectronic have achieved positive growth, while the Ruifeng optoelectronic and the Chang Fang Group declined on the same year. In addition to the net profit, the other six manufacturers have achieved different levels of growth.

Ma Lin Sen

Among them, domestic package leading manufacturer Mlinson, the net profit was the highest in seven. The first quarter achieved 2 billion 23 million yuan, up 31.70% from the same year. The net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 166 million yuan, up 24.94%. For the reason of revenue growth, he said that the main reason is to expand production and expand market influence.

In fact, early this year, he announced that in January, the company received the State Development and Reform Commission's approval of the issuance of green bonds issued by the national development and Reform Commission of the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on the issuance of green bonds by the Limited by Share Ltd. It agreed that the company's public issuance of green bonds was not more than 1 billion 500 million yuan, and 1 billion yuan raised for the annual output of 100 billion. Photodiode (LED) extension project.

Earlier, the latest report from the LED Research Center (LEDinside) pointed out that the 2017 global LED packaging revenue ranking rose from seventh in 2016 to fourth in the world, and also benefited from the expansion of capacity.

In addition, in April, it was reported that marinson marched into the field of automobile LED lighting, which will begin to be expanded from Taiwan, China. It is understood that Taiwan marinson will cooperate with the station lamp factory in the initial stage to cut back the rear and direction lights.

Star optoelectronic

From the ranking of global LED packaging revenues in 2017, China's Starlight has climbed to tenth in terms of capacity expansion and revenue growth. As a result of the expansion of sales revenue, as well as the continuous optimization of the product structure and the proportion of high value-added products, the first quarter of China Star optoelectronic also made a good report card, achieving 821 million yuan in operating income and 25.79%, and achieving a net profit of 80 million 390 thousand yuan belonging to the shareholders of a listed company. The increase is 55.32%.

In addition, in last week's investor interactive question and answer, Guo Xing photoelectric executive said that the company continued to carry on chip technology innovation, enhance chip core manufacturing technology, play the strategic support role of chip field to packaging development, and have achieved good results at present. As for the new display technology, the company Mini LED shows that the product is in trial production stage, and will further develop Micro LED chip and related technology.

Hongli Zhi Hui

The third revenue of Hong Li Zhi Hui, 1Q18 realized operating income of 874 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.24%; the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company 92 million 580 thousand yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.07%, the overall growth is more stable.

Hung lee Chi Hui said that the LED market demand grew steadily, the scale of the company's business continued to develop, and the main business maintained a steady growth. At the same time, the company increased investment in professional applications such as vehicle regulation LED packaging, Mini LED, VCSEL and so on, which affected the higher net profit growth in the first quarter of 2018.

In addition, according to the financial report, Hongli will expand LED automotive lighting business in the future. It is not difficult to find that, in addition to LED's main business, it has laid down the LED car lighting market in recent years, and has frequently signed a number of cooperation agreements around LED lights and other projects.

Ruifeng photoelectricity

Although the revenue of Ruifeng optoelectronic Q1 was reduced by 5.83%, the net profit was more than 40%. In this case, the company paid more attention to R & D innovation and optimize the product structure. The first quarter product Maori level was further improved.

For the layout of this year and future, Ruifeng photoelectric announced the plan of expanding production and putting in new display technology in April. According to the announcement, the total amount of funds raised by the company is not more than 467 million 974 thousand yuan (467 million 974 thousand yuan), and it is put into SMD LED package, Mini LED package production, Micro LED technology research and development center and replenish mobile funds.

In this regard, the expansion of SMD LED packaging capacity, can solve the company's existing production line capacity bottleneck, further meet the market demand, at the same time to improve the scale effect, reduce the production cost of the company, improve profitability, and Mini LED, Micro LED has a broad market prospects, the company seize the line in time The development of the industry is conducive to the predominance of the first development.

Wan run science and technology

In a quarterly report of seven packaging companies, only wan wan technology doubled its revenue and net profit growth in the first quarter. Its operating income was about 968 million yuan, ranking second. For the reasons for revenue growth, Wan run technology said it was mainly due to the inclusion of the media in the reporting period and the increase in advertising media revenue.

It is worth noting that Wan run science and technology announced in March this year that the company intends to buy part of the two pairs of companies, which are both excellent domestic lighting engineering design and construction companies.

It is reported that as the profit space of general lighting continues to be compressed, the segmentation market of high Maori is becoming more and more popular with enterprises. Among them, the landscape lighting industry of nearly trillions of markets has set off an upsurge of layout in the industry, which is driven by large events, night travel economy and urbanization.

As it said, this acquisition will further enhance the company's market competitiveness in LED lighting, especially in urban and road lighting, to improve the company's position in the field of lighting market segmentation, and to promote the synergy between the LED business and the downstream.

Poly fly optoelectronic

1Q18 achieved total revenue of 569 million yuan, an increase of 54.72% over the same period last year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 36 million 820 thousand yuan, down 2.66% compared to the same period last year. Although net profit fell slightly, but poly fly photoelectric said that during the first quarter, the company's overall business was good, and its main business grew steadily.

In addition, the important research and development projects of poly solar technology include Mini LED and automotive lighting LED.

The long Party group

The first quarter revenue of Chang Fang Group dropped by 17.03% compared with the same period last year, but net profit increased by more than 50%. LEDinside editor noted that among the factors listed by the long Party group, one of them was the continued deepening of the development, production and sales of LED applications in the field of general lighting and mobile lighting as the company continued to promote the development of the LED field in the first quarter.

It is worth mentioning that, as the bystander thought that the Chang Fang Group would continue to transform and attack the education industry, the company announced last month that it agreed to terminate the cooperation framework agreement signed with the International Education Consultancy Limited by Share Ltd of the Beijing universal Art League. It can be seen that the long Party group has given up the education industry, and as the financial report shows, the long side group will continue to focus on the LED business in the future, integrate the internal resources and improve the utilization of resources.

Through the direct reflection of the performance data and the indirect description of the dynamics of the manufacturers, it is found that the overall development trend of these large middle reaches is better, the manufacturer will continue to expand the capacity, advance the LED business in depth, and further attack the emerging niche market.