Customers Send New Orders, Order The Ceiling Light
- Apr 26, 2018 -

    The customer who bought the last lamp has placed a new order. The purchase of light engine ceiling lamp, 18W ceiling lamp 130 and 24W ceiling lamp 140 are expected to be delivered tomorrow. At present, the workshop is raging in full swing. Due to the more anxious customers, we need to work overtime today. These lamps and lanterns will be used in the office, with simple and simple white lampshade, with simple pattern, both cost saving, beautiful and generous, high luminance lamp, before their home power lamps and lanterns, to our home purchase to reduce some, last time to his daylight lamp, customers say too bright, customers say too bright, brightness, customers say too bright, customers say too high, The power goes down a bit. This time, too, our aim is to provide customers with quality products and solve their worries for customers.