Classroom Lighting Needs LED Lighting
- Feb 01, 2018 -

The school is dominated by daytime teaching, but there will inevitably be some rainy weather. Middle School and High school have evening classes. In addition to natural lighting, the classroom must also set artificial lighting. School lighting aims to provide comfortable lighting conditions for school education, in addition to meeting the required lighting needs, but also to protect eyesight, improve the psychological comfort of teachers and students. At present, more and more myopic children, many years old children have been wearing glasses early. Many people think that the problem of the children's sitting posture caused by the loss of eyesight. But it is understood that the school's lighting environment is not science has a greater chance of causing the child's eyesight drop. At present, the lighting used in the classroom is mainly fluorescent lamps, the eyes of students are very harmful, classroom lighting needs LED lighting lamps.