Changes In The Structure Of Employees In The LED Display Industry, Becoming The Main Force In The Industry After 80
- May 12, 2018 -

    The national leadership team has been replaced with new generations, striving to build a strong, prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernized country. Looking back at the development of the LED display industry for more than 30 years, as the rapid development of the industry has gradually matured, the composition of LED display industry employees is quiet. After the change, it became the backbone of the industry in the post-70s and the strong rise in the 80s. It began to enter the decision-making layer of the industry, and gradually came to the forefront after the 90s. From the current trend, the LED display industry practitioners are increasingly developing in a younger direction.

    After 70 became a leader in China's LED display industry

    In the early 1990s, LED displays entered the domestic market, and China had the first batch of LED display industry players. At that time, companies in the LED display industry were able to develop, manufacture, sell, install, and service hardware and software. The experience of reference is very few, the core technology basically grasps the hands of foreign companies, the product technology is relatively low, the production cost is high, and the market application area is less. It is in the early stage of LED display industry growth; in the middle and late 1990s, with the blue The maturity of light-emitting chip technology and chip packaging technology and the supporting system for full-color display have gradually improved. The Chinese LED display industry has entered a period of rapid development.

    The practitioners who worked in the initial LED display industry were a group of people who were good at learning, dared to try and innovate. After the first 60 years, they had mastered the production technology of the industry and aimed at market development opportunities and entered the market one after another. Do business, from the early days of several companies, the annual output value of tens of millions of yuan development to dozens of companies, annual output value of hundreds of millions, this group of "young people", they promote the development of LED display industry in China, become domestic LED Display industry leader. In this process, from the production R&D and quality control to the establishment of standards, we gradually explored the road suitable for the development of the industry. By the beginning of the 21st century, they were in full-color LED displays with 256 shades of gray. Video control technology, cluster-free warp control, multi-level group control technology and other aspects have reached the international level.

    Throughout the 1990s, the LED display industry was in a period of technological R&D. During the incubation period of product application, during this period, these leaders led to the maturation of the domestic LED display industry, the formation of product standards systems, and the implementation of a series of standards. Made outstanding contributions, they let the small pitch display flourish, China's LED display brand famous overseas, but also for the Chinese LED display industry in the future development process has trained a number of LED display technology team, LED display industry has become an important part of China's electronic information industry.

    The rise of the post-80s and post-90s

    After 2008, China's LED display industry entered a period of rapid development, and LED display technology has gradually become a world leader. Domestic employees have gradually formed a group of key enterprises with a certain scale after 70 years as their leading group. And with the LED display industry continues to mature, in recent years, after 80 has become the absolute main LED display industry crowd.

    After 80 is a group with the growth of the network, massive information not only brings them a diversified life, but also promoted its personalized growth, after many 80 after entering the LED display industry, to the entire LED display industry Inject fresh blood. They pay attention to the brand and have a more scientific and technological sense in R&D and production processes. They also boldly innovate in the marketing model. Through accumulation and precipitation, some people have begun to enter the leadership decision-making level of large-scale enterprises in the LED display industry and become the development of the enterprise. The new generation of forces contributes to the development of the industry.

    Although China's LED display production technology and production level is in a leading position, but the level of technology is still relatively backward, there is a clear gap with foreign countries in product standardization, overall system design, reliability, manufacturing processes, testing methods and other aspects. I believe that through the 70 to lay a good foundation for the development of the industry, 80 generation will be able to push the LED display line to a higher stage of development. At the same time, with the LED display industry market demand continues to diversify, the target customer groups continue to be young, with its own unique sense of self-concept and personalized creative ideas also gradually to the front desk, becoming another new force in the LED display industry .

    Fresh blood continues to inject into the industry

    At present, China's LED display products, technological innovation and application development capabilities have gradually increased, all this indicates that China's LED display industry has entered a new stage of development. The development of the industry requires the efforts and promotion of generation after generation. The first batch of 70 LED display industry leaders have made great contributions to the industry, while also providing more opportunities for the younger generation to enter the LED display industry. With the formation of the information society, the information field is becoming more and more extensive, and the application scene of LED display screens is even broader. Under the premise of mature LED display product research and development technology, how to find innovations in application fields is all current LED display manufacturers. Need to think about issues. The youthfulness of the industry's leading group has injected more fresh power into the industry and signals that the development of the LED display industry is becoming more and more vibrant and full of possibilities.

    The development of China's LED display industry has experienced many ups and downs. Throughout the development of the industry, the important role played by the leaders is undoubted. With the continuous updating of the industry, the personnel structure is bound to To be more youthful and diversified, all domestic LED manufacturers should unite and help to promote more conscientious development of the domestic LED display industry.

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