Brief Analysis Of Intelligent Home Design And Installation Scheme: Intelligent Lighting Plays An Important Role
- Jun 27, 2018 -

If architecture is a frozen music, then the perfect home intelligent automatic control system is a wonderful note in this piece of music. (LED intelligent light)

It is not only a tool to realize basic indoor security, lighting and heating, but also a practical art of architectural decoration. It is the integration of automation technology and architectural art.(LED intelligent light)

It makes full use of the combination of science and art, the combination of light and shadow as well as the automatic control of lights and electrical appliances to create a variety of comfortable and elegant environment, so as to strengthen the atmosphere of indoor space effect.(LED intelligent light)

The latest backstage messages from friends want to know about the design scheme of smart home. This year, we provide different solutions for different house types and demands.(LED intelligent light)

Including single apartment, two rooms and one hall, three rooms and one hall, four rooms and two halls, duplex, villa and so on.(LED intelligent light)




I. scope of intelligent system design


Household design system includes: intelligent lighting, temperature, music, home theater, doors and Windows, electric appliances, watering the flowers, pet feed, water, gas, etc., control ways include: remote computers, mobile phones, control panel, etc.(LED intelligent light)



All the above systems can operate independently or interact with other systems to integrate into a unified whole and respond to each other to achieve a truly intelligent home.(LED intelligent light)


Ii. Principles of intelligent system design




Convenient for users to operate, functional and practical, beautiful and generous appearance, can reflect the first-class fashion life taste.(LED intelligent light)


Reduce complex to simple, highly human, pay attention to health, entertainment life, protect privacy.




Control area


Sitting room: pass to sitting room lamplight, video sound, air conditioning, television control, build comfortable living space.(LED intelligent light)

Through the intelligent scene control interface, the one-key scene control of the light is realized, and the light environment required by the reception, dining, audio and video, and general switch at different time periods is automatically realized.(LED intelligent light)




Room, garden, study, children room etc. : there are more than ten lights in the home, each room has different lighting and electrical requirements, etc.(LED intelligent light)

Use a mobile phone or mobile panel to easily complete various lighting scenarios.(LED intelligent light)


Various modes, a button can control the lighting, air conditioning television.

If press "go home mode", the light becomes bright, the curtain opens, the air conditioning opens, the television opens.

After leaving home, press the "all off mode" and automatically turn off all lights.(LED intelligent light)


There is a manual switch on the controller, and the lights can be turned on or off manually in case of failure.


Custom scene mode, one key switch


Home mode, there are 5 minutes from home, cell phone home a key mode, open air conditioning automatically to appropriate temperature, the curtain opened, the TV channel open to the familiar, feeling relaxed and comfortable home.(LED intelligent light)



Viewing mode - projectors and screens descend slowly, curtains close, DVDS start to work, and other unwanted lights automatically close, leaving the viewing area comfortably lit.(LED intelligent light)




Good morning mode -- at 7 o 'clock in the morning, the music in the room starts to ring slowly, the curtains open slowly, the living room TV is on to the morning news, and the electric kettle begins to boil.

A good day.




4. System advantages


Achieve good energy-saving effect, lengthen lamp life


Energy saving is the biggest advantage of lighting control system.

The traditional villa area lighting working mode, people walk the lamp is not off.

And villa after using the intelligent lighting control system, can according to different situations, different traffic, time period, the working mode of segmentation, turn off unnecessary lighting, open automatically when needed.(LED intelligent light)

A variety of lighting in different areas of the control system realized the working mode, while guarantee the necessary lighting, effectively reduce the working time of lamps and lanterns, save the unnecessary energy expenditure, and prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns.




Achieve a variety of lighting effects


A variety of intelligent control means, can make same area have a variety of effect, comprehensive bedroom, dining room, sitting room can preset different scene.(LED intelligent light)

Under the traditional manual control, it is difficult to achieve such a variety of lighting effects.(LED intelligent light)




Improve management


Intelligent control system is based on automatic control and manual control.(LED intelligent light)

Under normal circumstances, no one is required to participate in the lighting system. The lighting system automatically realizes the switching and dimming functions through the network remote control.(LED intelligent light)

It not only greatly reduces the waste of electricity, but also eliminates the untimed switch caused by human factors, and reduces the situation of running around to control the lighting.(LED intelligent light)

Thank you, smart home, let technology into life!(LED intelligent light)