Analysis On Cause Of Fire Of Curtain LED Lamp
- Jul 17, 2018 -

    With the continuous progress of LED lighting technology, LED lighting has been favored by more and more lamp box lighting manufacturers due to its features of long life, environmental protection, energy-saving lamps, and no ribs shadow.

    However, with the occurrence of the light box fire, it has attracted the attention of a large number of users.

    The lines are overloaded with finer lines.

    Every wire has a safe electric flow per square meter. Once the electric flow through the wire exceeds the safe electric flow, the instantaneous heat of the wire will become too large, causing the wire to catch fire.

    Like some shutter lights on the market use the 0.75 mm wire, once you take when using the main line, can cause circuit overload, wire through a lot of current for a long time, is vulnerable to shutter lamp burning line, fire.

     It is recommended to use 2.5mm squared wire to avoid the safety hazard caused by too thin wire.

    Improper use of the line caused short circuit and fire.

    Line the improper use of it is also one of the reasons of influence the love such as the use of safe, cause short circuit is mainly due to wires used for a long time, cause insulation aging, rupture, loss of insulation effect, lead to two line touching one another.

    Or a short circuit is caused by the disorderly drawing of the wires. In the process of wiring, the wires are wound together, which is easy to cause the "insulation layer damage" of the wires and cause the short circuit.

    So in the connection must pay attention to not pull, connect, add power equipment, increase the load of the whole line.

    When buying, must see the specification of the line carefully, do not covet cheap and ignore the safety;

    Always check the wires and wires when using, so as not to cause fire problems