All Street Lamps In Yinchuan Will Be Replaced With LED Energy-saving Lamps, Which Will Save More Than 60% Of The Electricity
- Dec 03, 2018 -

It is reported that recently, yinchuan city will replace 45,000 high-pressure sodium light sources and upgrade the existing road lighting control system.

The work is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival of 2019, when all road lighting lamps in the city will be upgraded to LED energy-saving lamps, which will greatly improve the environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction as well as electricity bill expenditure.

It is learned that in March this year, the yinchuan municipal government and China energy conservation and environmental protection group jinghe lighting co., ltd. signed a relevant cooperation agreement. About 45,000 of the city's existing high-pressure sodium lamps with long service life and high energy consumption have been replaced with LED lamps.

This work has officially entered the construction stage on November 12. Without affecting the normal lighting of street lamps in the city, yinchuan street lamp management office will arrange nearly 100 operators and 22 high-altitude vehicles to replace lamps every day. It is expected to complete all the replacement and debugging work before the Spring Festival of 2019.

According to the actual test and theoretical calculation, after the transformation of the project, the annual power consumption will be reduced to 36.3 million KWH, and the power saving rate will exceed 60%. At that time, the green lighting rate of yinchuan city will exceed 90%.

The updated LED light source adopts warm white light, which not only improves the overall brightness of the road, but also improves the color reduction degree of surrounding objects and enhances driving safety. At the same time, the new light source can more effectively assist the security surveillance camera to shoot, and has a good deterrent effect on crimes.

In addition, after the lighting energy-saving transformation and smart upgrade project, it also reserved space for the later stage of new energy vehicle charging pile, environmental monitoring, urban air quality detection system and other intelligent equipment to expand.