Modern Bedroom LED Wall Light

Modern lamp ACTS the role of the role ofing used high-tech, contemporary lamps and lanterns although power is low, but its illumination quantity compares the incandescent lamp of the same power much taller, if energy-saving lamp. The wide use of new energy-saving light bulbs has become the technical mainstream of modern lamp products.

Product Details

1.Product Details:

It can not only make our new house more bright but also can play a good decorative role.

In numerous lamp act the role of role the role of, contemporary lamp ACTS the role of the role of adornment with its vogue, concise exterior, got the favour of numerous owner.


3.Item Information:

Item No.XH-LED-KBL30002
Color temperature3000K-7000K all available
Input wattageAC111-240V
Space< 5㎡
ApplicationHall, Bedroom, Hallway, Porch, Balcony
Warranty3 years
Materialiron+ acrylic


Modern lamp ACTS the role of the role ofing and common lamp, more vogue, decorous.Our more common modern lamp ACTS the role of main to have large high-grade droplight, crystal desk lamp, white lotus lamp, magic mirror lamp, they all bring us each feeling.

The advantage that modern lamp ACTS the role of is very much, one of the biggest advantage is it is very environmental protection, energy-saving, accord with the requirement of contemporary people to low carbon life completely.





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